Imagine Humboldt 2050, Garberville meeting

Imagine Humboldt 2050 is a visioning project.

The Humboldt County Association of Governments received a grant from Caltrans to do public outreach around the county, they’ve engaged students in the public school system and are holding workshops countywide to hear the community’s vision of 2050.

 The Monday Imagine Humboldt workshop in Garberville was facilitated by Kathy Moxon. Marcella Clem, Executive Director of the Humboldt Association of Governments, addressed specific questions about the Blueprint Advisory Committee for Imagine Humboldt.  Paul Pitino, a member of HCAOG’s Citizen Advisory Committee and Colette Metz also helped HCOAG with the Imagine Humboldt meeting at the Garberville Vet’s Hall. 

You can check out the online survey at

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