KMUD building looking good

Linda and Kim Davis, paintersKMUD studio entrance after paint job KMUD front looking nice and clean 

Linda and Kim Davis spent the last week or so cleaning and then painting the front and side of the KMUD office and studio building in Redway. it looks so good now! They are doing business as Moving Squeegees and Moving Brushes window cleaning and painting service. They know windows and provide window cleaning, screen cleaning, repair, frame and sill washing. They have a passion for clean windows. They are fully insured, discreet, and have references available. For an estimate call them at (707) 513-7705.

The paint came from Organic Grace in Garberville. Not just any paint; it's non-toxic and very eco-friendly.

KMUD always has volunteer opportunities, inside and out. We have a large backyard that needs mowing and some clean-up. If you're interested in helping, give us a call, 923-2513. If you're calling after office hours, choose extension 107. Thanks!


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