KMUD to host new audio series beginning Saturday, July 4th at 7:30pm

poster for the san francisco mime troupe's original radio serial, Tales of the Resistance beginning July 4th
KMUD to host San Francisco Mime Troupe’s new radio serial beginning July 4th at 7:30 pm

KMUD is proudly hosting the San Francisco Mime Troupe‘s new audio series, Tales of the Resistance, starting Saturday the 4th of July from 7:30pm-8pm and continuing for nine segments every other Saturday.  The San Francisco Mime Troupe is a Tony-award winning theater company based in the Mission District of San Francisco that has traditionally performed original political musicals in the parks of Northern California for over 60 years, typically performing at the Mateel Community Center. For more information on this award winning theatre company, check out their website,

 Tales of the Resistance tells the stories of four citizens navigating the house of mirrors that is modern America. Each story will be told in a different traditional radio style – noir detective, science fiction, adventure, and horror.

From their website:

Can the revolution be social distanced? Find out this Summer with the San Francisco Mime Troupe as they present four series of original political comedy audio plays, broadcast bi-weekly, each written and performed by Mime Troupe veterans and new comers, and each in a different style. Each episode will be 25 minutes long, and presented as podcasts and as radio shows on stations across the country.

July 4th will kick off with the noir detective series  JADE, FOR HIRE! Looking for work in a nation in the midst of a race and class war with itself can’t be easy in the episode “The Mystery of the Missing Worker.”

Then, in episode 1 of NOVICE NURSE: SUSIE TERSE, “The Price of Infection,“ can Nurse Susie must find a way to deliver vital antiviral medicine while navigating a fending off the of Corporate America?

FEAR OF THE DARK is the horror series, and will start with “”The Good Cop,” in which MAGA hat wearing, right-wing immigrant Primo is tormented by his racist fears, and how – blinded by tear gas in a protest – he is haunted by his hate.

The last series is the science fiction of “DIMENSION 2020!”, and its first episode “It Came…From R&D!” Greg seemed to everyone like a mild mannered software developer. No one could predict that his invention could either save democracy, or lock the country into an endless cycle of tyranny and oppression. 

Each series will have two episodes, which cycle through the summer, culminating in a finale where all four storylines converge.

Doesn’t that sound cool?

Featured performers will include Michael Gene Sullivan, Keiko Shimosato-Carreiro, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Ed Holmes, Velina Brown, Brian Rivera, Lizzie Calogero, Andre Amarotico, and many more!

Tune into your Redwood Community Radio on July 4th at 7:30pm to catch the start of San Francisco Mime Troupe’s 2020 production, Tales of the Resistance.