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  1. T. J. KOHL on May 14, 2023 at 10:51 am

    I grew up listening to KFAT, & KMPX…. Saddle Rack, Moes Alley, Bodega, and of course The Catalyst…
    Stinson Beach, Garlic Festival, Bill Graham, Fillmore West, and Winterland, Telegraph & Dwight Ave.
    Cheeeeesy, but true; those were the good ol days… Fat Grams in the air….
    The Saddle Rack was on the way home (Morgan Hill) and my wife and I got the burgers, and the pitcher of beer on Tuesday nights.
    All we could afford.
    After 68 yrs. born and raised in Ca. – had enough, sold the ranch and moved to Tn. We now catch the Boogie on the net… Try and stay out of the way of bears, and keep my fishin pole & 40 S&W ready to go…


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