March Newsletter


Coverage of the elections
by Lauren Schmitt, News Director

Throughout the lead-up to today’s election, we’ve been committed to providing in-depth political coverage. From hosting our ‘Meet the Candidate’ series to political forums and debates that have provided platforms for lively discussions on key issues, and helped voters compare different viewpoints.

LIVE Election Coverage: Tonight, from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM, we are partnering with Access Humboldt to bring LIVE election coverage. Hosts Eric Kirk, Dave Frank, Jimmy Durchslag, Lauren Schmitt and Lisa Music will keep our listeners updated with the latest results, analysis, and interviews. Local candidates will also be joining from their election parties.

Call In and Share: Share your thoughts as the results come in! Call in to participate in the discussion. 707-923-3911

Watch: Tune in on Optimum Cable Channel 8 or WAVE Cable Channel 7.

Listen Live: Catch us on 91.1 in the Garberville area / 88.1 in the Eureka area/ 90.3 FM in the Laytonville area / 99.5 in Shelter Cove

Online:, @KMUDNews Facebook page, and for live video on

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to keep you informed and empowered.

PS- A BIG thank you to Co-director Lisa Music, all of our KMUD reporters, and our dedicated emergency response volunteers Lois Cordova, Kelley Lincoln, Kim Phelps, and others who held down the fort while I was spending time with family and friends in El Salvador.

“Spring Forward” drive
by Dorothee, Membership Coordinator

Stay tuned for our upcoming Membership Drive from the 18th to the 29th of March. Extraordinary shows, live music and lively presence of the KMUD volunteers on the air. Tune in, pass by, drop off your checks, call in… This is your radio station!

This is our way to remind our listeners that running a radio station is expensive and requires ongoing support. If you are not a member yet, please become a member. If you are already, we thank you so much! And we’d like to ask you to help us convert one of your friends from listener to member. It takes a village!

KMUD holds the line
by Simon Frech, Technical Director

“In like a lion, out like a lamb” is the old saying about the month of March. This year it certainly came with lots of thunder and lightning, rain, hail, snow, and the resulting landslides, falling trees, road closures, and accidents. On the afternoon of the first of March, the KMUD headquarters lost power. The reason was that a tree on a neighboring property had fallen onto the power line, which caused the line to get pulled off the main power pole, tilting another pole, and rip the cables right off the wall of the KMUD office, and the power panel and a bunch of conduit came off with it. The studio didn’t skip many beats; our standby generator started within a few seconds. Very quickly we were back on the air with emergency information every hour and at times more frequently.

Many more power outages were reported all around Humboldt County and beyond, and on Saturday afternoon our transmitter on Pratt Mountain lost PG&E as well. Our generator at 3,892 feet above sea level supplied power much of the day, and on Sunday till afternoon when PG&E had made the necessary repairs. All weekend a dedicated group of volunteers and staff gathered and disseminated information about road closures, accidents, emergency shelters, and, of course, power outages. By mid-afternoon on Monday, electricians from Bob Downing Electric had already repaired the damaged power connection to our building, and PG&E had reattached the cables to the poles, and energized the lines. After that, the electricians made their way to the top of Pratt Mountain with their snowmobile to ensure that the generator was ready for the next outage.

We’re sure glad to have these generators. Redwood Community Radio was able to purchase and install them thanks to a 2019 grant from Humboldt County’s “Measure Z,” a half-cent sales approved by voters in 2014 to pay for maintaining and enhancing public safety and essential services. We’re honored and grateful for that, and for the ongoing support from the community, which all enables us in turn to serve our whole area.

How do we prepare our show?
by Milo and Ingrid, It’s a Musical Odyssey, 1st and 3rd Saturdays from 4 to 6pm

We get inspired, and make it a theme. It may be a suggestion from a friend or something we hear in a movie. We’re always looking for new music, newly released music and also music that is new to us, that’s our Odyssey. Fortunately the internet provides ample material, but we also supplement that with CDs (and occasionally records) from our personal collection. For local music, we like to peruse the KMUD library. We usually pass many hours listening to our selections before our show, and continue to rearrange our list to fit a kind of story line with moods.

RDS Radio Data System

When you play KMUD on the radio in some newer cars, you can now read the name of the artist and the song that is playing on KMUD, and even the name of the show!
We hope you enjoy it!

Black History Month

Black History Month was celebrated a KMUD on various shows. Here we’ll highlight a talk show and a music show:

Monday Morning Magazine
by Eric Kirk


Julia and I have been hosting Monday Morning Magazine for quite a few years now and we have maintained a consistent format.  However, in January, when Julia wasn’t available, rather than do the usual interviews I celebrated the King holiday by playing historical interviews, speeches, and discussions by and about Dr. Martin Luther King and the issues for which he fought with some of my own commentary about the time and the topics.  I received very positive response and so in February, we put together another show for Black History Month in which I wanted to emphasize what many historians have tried to emphasize – that black history is not just about struggle, but also about black contributions to American history through art, literature, science, etc.  We played clips of Nikki Giovanni reading her literature; James Baldwin reading prose about the diversity of love; and a discussion between the two of them about gender issues within the civil rights movement.  I included a younger black woman’s take on black history and a longer history of black inventors.  Please check out both shows in the archives and let us know if you would like similar shows in the future on other topics.
Find this show in the archives, Monday Morning Magazine, February 19th, from 7.20am.

It’s all about the music
with Crusher

Crusher provided us with an amazing Black music artists show on February 23rd on It’s all about the music at 10am. Her show is dedicated to Ruby Bridges, the first black girl to be integrated into High School. From Motown and Soul to Jazz. A black music delight! And like Crusher said : “Black History is still being written”

Women History Month
by Dorothee, Membership Coordinator

Tune in on Friday for International Women ‘s Day. And all month long for specific shows celebrating women.

Please tell me before March 31st which was your favorite Women’s special show of the month at [email protected]. I’ll take your choices into consideration to build the April newsletter.

KMUD Yard Party… next stop: the Grammys!

Perhaps you recall the memorable performance by Louis Michot at KMUD’s Yard party last fall. We all enjoyed so much his performance. Now, we’re thrilled to share the news of his Grammy win alongside his band, Lost Bayou Ramblers, for the Best Regional Roots Music Album.  
KMUD’s DJs regularly select tracks from the vinyl he generously offered to the station, ensuring that his creative New Orleans tunes remain a cherished part of our programming.

Chestine, Board Member – Katie Jazz Lady – Sharon, volunteer – Kevin, DJ and engineer – Flurina, Board member preparing the Board of Directors election ballots.

KMUD Board of Directors elections
by Dorothee, Membership Coordinator

If you are a member of KMUD, you should have in your mailbox, your ballots for the KMUD Board of Directors Members Representative. Please return your ballots to our election official, Francine Allen, by March 31st. 
To help you know the candidates better, there will be an on-air forum this Thursday from 5 to 6pm.

Concerning the Programmers Representatives, we had 2 seats and 2 candidates, which allowed for no election. We are proud to announce that our 2 new Programmers Representatives, who will be seated in April,  are :
Adam Rollins, aka Hill Clinton, who hosts his Cabin Fever hoedown every other Monday from 8 to 10.
And Michelle Vassel, Wiyot tribe administrator, who hosts with David Cobb the talk show
Dishgamu, a show about people doing great work in our community. That’s on the 2nd Thursday from 7 to 8pm.

Underwriter of the Month: Planned Parenthood

by Patricia Tinkler, Underwriting Coordinator
Planned Parenthood is what health care should be in our country. For the past 100 years, Planned Parenthood has provided everyone in need with quality healthcare, regardless of their ability to pay. While their specialty is reproductive health care, they provide so much more…vaccines, mental health care, gender affirming care, wellness and preventative checkups, prenatal and postpartum attention.

Their history goes back to 1929 with the inception of the Maternal Health Center on Oak Street in San Francisco. They launched the nation’s first comprehensive sex education program for teens in San Francisco in 1967. Today, they continue to fight for bodily autonomy for all.

Planned Parenthood Northern California and Planned Parenthood Federation of America are separate entities, giving you two ways to support their mission to protect health care, education, and reproductive freedom for everyone. If you donate to PPNorCal, the donation remains local; if you donate to the national Planned Parenthood, half of your donation remains local. In short, there’s no wrong way to give!

Planned Parenthood Health Centers in our listening area are in Eureka (3225 Timber Fall Court, Suite B/ phone: 707.442.5700) and Ukiah (242-A Hospital Drive/ phone: 707.462.4303) and appointments can be also be reserved online at Virtual appointments are available to all California residents and no one is excluded for lack of insurance.







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