Nuclear experts discuss the latest developments at the two nuclear complexes in Japan

Three nuclear experts at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) discussed the latest developments at the two Fukushima nuclear complexes in Japan. They explained what is happening at the reactors, the threat they pose to public health and the environment, and the ramifications the disaster might have for nuclear power in the United States. UCS has been a nuclear safety and security watchdog for 40 years, and is not for or against nuclear power. For the latest information from UCS on the Japanese nuclear disaster, go to
Use the player below to listen to the discussion. It has been split into two parts.

Background on the scientists:

DAVID LOCHBAUM, a nuclear engineer by training, is the director of UCS’s Nuclear Safety Program. He worked at U.S. nuclear plants for 17 years, including three that are similar to the General Electric plants in Japan. He also trained nuclear industry staff in managing reactors for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

DR. EDWIN LYMAN is a physicist in the UCS Global Security Program. He is an expert on nuclear plant design and the environmental and health effects of radiation. Before coming to UCS in May 2003, he was president of the Nuclear Control Institute.

ELLEN VANCKO is UCS’s Nuclear Energy and Climate Change Project Manager. She manages UCS research and policy analysis concerning the viability of nuclear power as a potential climate solution. Vancko also serves as UCS’ senior advisor on federal and state policies concerning a range of electricity issues. She has more than 25 years of experience in the electric utility industry with the North American Electric Reliability Council, the Edison Electric Institute and other organizations.

UCS Discussion Part 1:
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UCS Discussion Part 2:


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