Oct. 21 Homelessness Mtg. audio posted

 The latest in a series of meetings in Garberville focusing on the problems and issues surrounding houseless people in Southern Humboldt took place on Friday, Oct. 21 at 6 PM  at the Vet’s Hall in Garberville.  Attendance at the meeting was diverse and was estimated at about 100 people which included Humboldt Sheriff Mike Downey accompanied by a Deputy Sheriff.  The meeting was facilitated by local Attorney Eric Kirk, and co-facilitated by Paul Encimer.  Audio from the previous meeting (Oct 7) can be played and downloaded here.

The audio begins with Meeting Facilitator Eric Kirk. The first 30 seconds is low volume, but gets better quickly. The 2 hour 13 minutes of audio was split into two parts and uploaded for playback and download using the players below. The original audio was recorded by KMUD Community Journalist Kerry Reynolds.
Oct. 21 Homelessness Mtg. audio-Part 1
{mp3} news/HomelessMtg10-21-11Pt.1 {/mp3}
Oct. 21 Homelessness Mtg. audio-Part 2
{mp3} news/HomelessMtg10-21-11Pt.2 {/mp3}
The photo below, taken by Julia Minton, shows John Casali displaying pictures of alleged homeless campsites laden with trash.


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