Oct 7 Homelessness Mtg. audio posted

 On Friday, October 7th, community members met at the Garberville Vet’s Hall, from 6 – 8 PM to address homelessness issues in Southern Humboldt.  Friday’s meeting was the most recent public forum in a series of meetings hosted by different groups, to address this issue.  Problems and concerns that have been voiced at these meetings include: 

  • lack of a public bathroom in Redway or Garberville
  • littering, including trash and feces
  • alleged drug dealing at the Vet’s Park in Garberville
  • transient loitering
  • perceived lack of respect from the community toward transients and vice versa.  
The crowd of 70-100 people included transients, long-time residents, business owners, homeless advocates, seniors, and youth.  During the meeting people moved in and out as the speakers drew applause and criticism.  Meeting organizer Paul Encimer, said the next meeting should happen within weeks, in order to keep the momentum going and work toward solutions. The meeting was facilitated by Eric Kirk.
Use the players below to hear audio of the Oct. 7 meeting. The two hours of audio was edited into four segments (1-4) for ease of download.
Meeting Audio Segment 1
{mp3} news/homelessMtgA {/mp3}
Meeting Audio Segment 2
{mp3} news/homelessMtgB {/mp3}
Meeting Audio Segment 3
{mp3} news/homelessMtgC{/mp3}
Meeting Audio Segment 4
{mp3} news/homelessMtgD {/mp3}

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