Operation Southern Sweep

Cynthia Elkins from the KMUD news department talked with a special agent in charge from the Department of Justice.

Here's the audio: {mp3}DOJ_Raids{/mp3}

Use this link if you'd like to download the file or if the player above doesn't work for you. Right-click on the link to download (control-click on the Mac).


Here are some links to coverage of the law enforcement activities in our area:

Eureka Reporter: Operation Southern Sweep to continue for a few days

North Coast Journal Blogthing

Sohum Parlance blog

Los Angeles Times: Raids smoke out large marijuana operation in Humboldt County

Times-Standard: Major sting targets commercial grow op

Video from the Times-Standard:

Also, keep in mind that the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project has a strong interest in these events. If you have something to report to them you can call them at (707) 923-4646, or just visit civilliberties.org



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