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About listening to KMUD online

Probably the easiest is to use this link and click here to tune in.

The info below is mostly historical but may still be useful to some, especially if you want to use another application (or program) to listen.

If for some reason the player you want to use does not automatically start, you can try this:

In iTunes, click on the menu item Advanced, click on Open Stream, paste in either (for the low bandwidth stream) or (for the higher bandwidth stream).
In VLC click on File, click on Open Network, and paste either address. VLC is free, open source software that plays just about any audio or video file or stream.

For the iPhone, get the free Public Radio Player app or the tunein app, then search for KMUD in the app.

KMUD on Public Radio Player (old image)

For Android devices try the apps tunein or Streamfurious. There are many others, check the Play Store.

Older systems should still be able to play our streams: For Pocket PC we recommend the free GSPlayer.

For Macs running OS 9 you can still get version 2.0.4 of iTunes that works fine with our mp3 stream. Use Command-U to open a window where you can enter the stream address, e.g. . There are other mp3 players for older Macintosh systems. Soundjam was very popular until iTunes came along, and there was a free version of Soundjam available, but a long websearch didn't turn up a live download link. Audion was quite popular as well, and it is still available free for download from

For Macs running new and old systems you can use the Quicktime Player (included in most systems) and with Command-U open a URL for a stream, and again enter We most recently tested this on OS 9.2.

KMUD has been providing a live audio stream since 1997. When employees of were away from Southern Humboldt and wanted to listen to KMUD, they set up a RealAudio stream. For the past few years we've contracted with Streamguys in Arcata, California, to send our streams to the world.

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