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Audio from the Emerald Cup 2014 Featured

Written by  Simon Frech
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The Emerald Cup is the world's longest running outdoor, organic cannabis cup.  Based at Area 101, the heart of the Emerald Triangle, the Emerald Cup has grown exponentially thanks to the hard work of so many activists, growers & professionals. The story of the Emerald Cup is rich with community and family.

Founded by Tim Blake in 2003 at Area 101, about 10 miles north of Laytonville, CA, the Emerald Cup celebrates the community and hard work of those that support outdoor-grown, organic cannabis.

The Emerald Cup brings the values of the Emerald Triangle to California and the world. Now hosted at Sonoma County Fairgrounds, the Emerald Cup has grown from a few hundred to a few thousand attendees,  thus outgrowing Area 101 and the Mateel Community Center in Redway from 2009 to 2013.

On December 13 and 14, 2014, a KMUD crew setup a studio and a webstream with live feeds from the main stage, and conducted interviews on site. Below is a selection from the panels and presentations offered. We intend to add more audio from some of the other workshops at the Emerald Cup.


The Importance of Grassroots Politics
This kick-off panel features success stories and new strategies for effective grassroots campaigns that advance good cannabis policy. Learn ways to contribute to California legalization 2016.
John Lee (Moderator)
Justin Calvino (MCPC)
Luke Brunner(CCVH)
Chris Van Hook(Clean Green)
Dave Hodges(A2C2 San Jose)

Veterans and Cannabis
With the constantly growing awareness of the healing power of cannabis, an ever increasing number of veterans are turnign to cannabis as their medicine of choice to assist in the healing processes, and demanding their right to access therapeutic plant based medicines.
Alec Dixon (moderator)
Jason Sweatt (SC Vets Alliance)
Dr. Berra Yazar (MAPS)
Ellen Komp (CaNorml)
Amy Rising (Vet Advocate)

The Future of Targeted Cannabinoid Therapy
Discussion of various ratios of complementary cannabinoids, adn in relationship to different health issues and conditions
Michael Backes
Dr. William Courtney
Alec Dixon (Moderator)
Martin Lee

NORML Women's Alliance
This panel tracks the underlying history of the significant contributions women have made and are making in shaping policy and cultural acceptance.
Valerie Corral
Aundre Speciale
Debby Goldsberry
Madeline Martinez
Kyndra Miller (moderator)

Current Cannabis Research
Pioneers in theri field an dmembers of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians discuss their most recent research and findings and answer questions.
Chris Conrad (moderator)
Dr. William Courtney
Martin Lee
Dr. Berra Yazer

Legitimacy in the Evolving Cannabis Marketplace
A wide-ranging discussion of the fast-changing cannabis marketplace an dmarketing strategies using produce branding, social media, advertising and PR, approaching niche markets, and more.
Lakisha Jenkins (CCIA)
Dennis Parks (CannCast)
Chris Conrad (Moderator)
Rick Pfrommer (Harborside Health)

Families and Cannabis
An overwhelming number of families are turning to cannabinoid therapy for their loved ones, and in the process refusing to continue traditional forms of pharmaceutical treaments. The results and reserach continue to prove how powerful and invaluable cannabis is in healing a myriad of health issues.
Jennie Stormes
Mykayla's family
Valerie Corral (Moderator)
Jason David

California's 2016 Adult Use Cannabis Initiative: Unify for Success
As we approach legalization in 2016, it is imperative that the various activist groups and the entire cannabis related culture join together to ensure we have a comprehensive initiative that benefits us all, not just a compromise.
Amanda Reiman (Moderator)
Lindsay Robinson
Matt Kumin
Steve DeAngelo
Dale Sky Jones
Omar Figueroa



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