“Occupy Eureka” encampment dispersed

 According to multiple sources:

On Monday, Nov. 7, 2011 around 3:40 a.m. Eureka Police removed the individuals representing the Occupy Humboldt movement from their encampment on the Humboldt County Courthouse lawn and 13 arrests were made. Information received by Terri Klemetson, from Eureka Police Department Interim Chief Murl Harpham, indicated that according to Chief Harpham protesters have the right to protest and that while the Eureka Police Department supports everyone’s right to protest, there is to be no camping on the courthouse lawn.
Before Monday’s events, KMUD received a press release from "Occupy Humboldt" which stated:
"To whom it may concern:
Occupy Humboldt would like to formally declare that we stand in solidarity with all Occupiers around the world, especially Occupy Eureka and Occupy Arcata. Occupy movement is a nonviolent non-exclusionary forum for open dialogue within the community. Any other actions, alleged or otherwise are not aligned with the spirit of this movement. 

We hope to unify our global community, but we would like to distance ourselves from stereotypes of violence. Recently Occupiers in Eureka have been accused of bad habits and destructive behaviors. We love our brothers and sisters, we are a different chapter at a different site and do not support the bad habits and violent behaviors that are happening within our communities. Occupy Humboldt is an inclusive environment and welcomes all. 

While Occupy Humboldt represents the 99 percent, it does not condone in the recent accusations and alleged incidents that occurred at Occupy Eureka. Occupy Humboldt has peacefully dealt with issues and is living as a drug, alcohol and violence free site. We would like to draw a distinction between our peaceful actions and the recent actions that have disgraced our movement. 

We hope to distinguish ourselves and garner more community support as our movement proceeds. 

As a side note, Occupy Humboldt would like to give thanks to the Wiyot Tribe for the land we are currently occupying and a thank you to the Humboldt State University for their cooperation."  
In a late breaking update to the above release from Occupy Humboldt, KMUD has received information from an eyewitness to the eviction who indicates that Occupy Humboldt is now in solidarity with Occupy Arcata and Eureka and they are all currently at the courthouse protesting together.


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