Seeking Station Manager

BASIC FUNCTION: The Station Manager is responsible for the overseeing and managing of all
aspects of the station and is expected to work in collaboration and cooperation with the staff,
independent contractors, the Board of Directors, volunteers and membership.
SUPERVISED BY AND REPORTS TO: Redwood Community Radio (RCR) Board of Directors
SUPERVISES: All paid and contract staff.
32 hours per week position.

· Emphasize teamwork and consensus building in decision making and all aspects of staff
· Make and implement decisions regarding all aspects of the operation of the station including,
but not limited to personnel, contracts, RCR policies, legal requirements, finance, and
· Ensure compliance with FCC and CPB requirements and with local, state and federal laws and
regulations including safety, environment and labor laws.
· Implement hiring and firing, training and annual evaluation of paid staff. Create, modify and/or
eliminate positions, job descriptions or contracts, within the expenditure limits established by
the Board for total staff costs and total contractor costs.
· Participate as an active advisor to the Board of Directors and its Executive Committee. Submit
written reports and recommendations to the Board at the monthly board meetings.
· Participate in other committees, specifically Finance, Development, Membership Drive and
· Hold regular meetings with staff and contractors as well as plan board/staff meetings, board
trainings, and board/staff retreats, including strategic planning.
· Help facilitate the resolution of disputes where appropriate per RCR policies.
· Perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.

The priority for the Station Manager is oversight of operations with delegation of tasks to the
Staff, Volunteers and Programmers whenever possible.
· Oversee the maintenance of buildings, equipment and grounds.
· Responsible for outreach for and promotion of KMUD, its programs and events, including:
public speaking, press releases and advertising in all appropriate media, publications, and
· Represent the station to other agencies and organizations and seek opportunities for
collaboration and/or utilizing shared resources.
· In conjunction with the Development Committee, oversee the purchasing of KMUD
merchandise for sale and promotion.
· Oversee and supervise staff with responsibilities for the station’s daily operations.

· Responsible for the financial well-being of the station, including oversight of development,
grants, bookkeeping, underwriting, budgeting, purchasing, sales and other relevant financial
matters. The Board will decide issues of extraordinary circumstance; for example, land sales
and bequests.
· Recommend auditor candidate(s) to the Board; work with Board on auditor’s contract.
· Work collaboratively with financial staff to:
· prepare timely and accurate financial reports required by the Board of Directors, local,
state and federal agencies, and by lending and grant-making institutions.
· facilitate the completion of the annual audit required by CPB.
· prepare a draft annual budget along with the Finance Committee.
· Provide a monthly narrative report analyzing the financial situation for the Board.
· Oversee the public posting of designated financial reports one week before the monthly Board


Management experience.
Ability to understand and manage a budget (spending within budget).
Familiarity with non-profit accounting principles.
Strong skills in fundraising and financial management.
Experience working with a board of directors.
Strong written and interpersonal communication skills.
Ability to work with a diverse group.
Commitment to community.

Three years broadcast management experience. Working knowledge of FCC regulations.
Degree in mass communications or related field.
Understanding of broadcast production, regulations, webcasting, and marketing.
Familiarity with financial databases and office software.
Experience as a board member.
Familiarity with social media.

Submit resume and three professional references to [email protected]

Application deadline October 15, 2021