Southern Humboldt Community Park Scoping Session


The Humboldt County Planning Division held a public scoping session on September 9 to discuss proposed zoning changes and a General Plan Amendment for the Southern Humboldt Community Park.  The proposed zoning includes: (1) 305 acres as Agriculture Exclusive with a public recreation land use designation;  (2) 96 acres as Public Facilities with a public recreation land use designation; and (3) three to five acres for multi-family residential housing.  Commercial or nonprofit events with amplified music; performing arts events and facilities; sports fields; specialty camping; and other uses are proposed within the Public Facilities zone.

The full audio from the meeting is divided into three sections.  The first contains comments from Humboldt County Supervisor Clif Clendenen and an overview of the proposal and process from Humboldt County Senior Planner Michael Richardson.  The public comment portion of the meeting follows in two parts.

The “scoping period” is the first phase of public review of the proposal under the California Environmental Quality Act.  Comments are accepted until October 27, 2010 to be considered by the Planning Division in its preparation of a draft Environmental Impact Report.  Comments can be sent by email or U.S. mail to the following addresses.

Michael Richardson
Humboldt County Planning Division
3015 H St., Eureka 95501 
[email protected] 

Full audio of meeting – This is the whole meeting, low audio quality

The three files provide a recording of the whole meeting.


Part One

Part Two

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