Special programs on marijuana legalization

Because of a growing need for open discussion about the economic impacts of marijuana legalization on our community, KMUD presents three Thursday night forums on the topic.
On March 11 an introduction to the subject of legalization, taxation, and medical marijuana with Liz Davidson, Ellen Komp (California NORML) and Richard Lee of Richard Lee of Oaksterdam University and author of the Tax Cannabis 2010 initiative. The second hour was hosted by Dan Glaser, with Paul Encimer and Robert Sutherland, with guest Matt Cohen of Northstone Organics. This show is now available on the KMUD Audio Archive.  
On Thursday, March 18th Anna Hamilton asked, “Who’s Going To Be The Taxman?” This program is also available on the KMUD Audio Archive.
And On Thursday, March 25th Kim Nelson will broadcast excerpts from the "What’s After Pot" Marijuana Economy Forum (held at Mateel Community Center on Tuesday, March 23, 6-10 pm). All programs will air from 8 to 10pm, Thursdays, and are call-in shows.

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