Spring Membership Drive

Hello KMUD Family,

In light of our changing times and our concern for the  health of our community, KMUD Redwood Community Radio is changing things up for our Spring Membership Drive! We will STILL be having a spring drive. Our goal is to raise $70,00. However, the format will change.

            During a time where we are being encouraged to keep physical contact to a minimum,  KMUD will keep YOU connected to your community. On air announcements will happen hourly in pre-recorded messages. We are also asking all DJs/engineers to remind you that a drive is going on. We will be giving away membership gifts. You are welcome to come by the station to receive your gift, or we can mail it to you.

            We invite you to share what KMUD means to you in a pre-recorded message. These messages should be limited to less than two minutes, and include the following info:

*We are choosing to change the format of our membership drive to respond to changing times and support the health of our community

*We still need your support! We have a goal of raising $xxx? This spring. Your membership and donations keep KMUD on air.

*This drive is different, you will still hear your favorite music and talk programming daily….it’s up to YOU to show us that this new format can work 

*Here’s how to donate:

Online at www.kmud.org

Call in your pledge at 923 2513 between 9 and 4 Monday through Thursday

Mail in your donation to: KMUD PO Box 135 Redway, CA

In addition, please share something about what KMUD means to YOU. Stories, anecdotes, opinions and all sorts of love are welcome! You can record your promo by stopping by the station Tuesday-Thursday between 9 and 1, making a recording appointment with a staff member, or recording your own promo at home as an mp3 file. You can also call in to All Sides Now to record phone promos.