Taijiquan and Qigong

Who: You are Invited to “Qi Rivers Meandering” – A Movement as Medicine Gathering

What: Taijiquan and Qigong Strategies for Wellness at KMUD for Volunteers, Programmers, Members, and Staff!  Lead by Javier and Nona (More info at: http://QiFlow.WebFlow.io)

Where: At KMUD in Studio B or Outdoors if the Weather permits!


  • NEXT THURSDAY, March 5th; and the following THURSDAY, March 12th.
  • Time: 10 – 11 AM

Why: To experience Movement as Medicine (while the program Music is Medicine is on), so we can get our Qi (“Chi” = Energy) Rivers Meandering (while Moon River meandering is on)!How: By showing up, with your 5 bodies (physical, breath, mind, energy and spiritual bodies).  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  We look forward to having you and taking care of ourselves together!
For more info please visit our website, or email [email protected].
RSPV – If you plan to come please email back to let us know, otherwise if it works out impromptu please feel free to join us.

Thank you!