The Choice is Yours

This month’s The Choice is Yours, wants to hear from you the listeners. Please call in live during the show to tell us if our discussions have influenced some of the choices you make as consumers. Do you now make tea with banana peels? Do you pay more attention to reading labels while shopping? Is there something you stopped consuming after a show? Were you inspired to do your own research regarding your favorite foods or products? What did you discover? Are you still eating fish? If so, are you buying it locally? Give us a call during the show on Thursday May 27th between 9 and 10 am to fill us in. If you don’t want to share with us live on air please leave a message on the KMUD comment line. The number is 707-932-5091. Start your message by stating “this is for the choice is yours.” You could also leave a comment below this post.
In order to activate your memories here is a list of the topics we have covered since the show began. We’ve discussed fish, fertilizers, microfibers, bananas, chocolate, cranberries, turkey, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, almonds, an array of cooking oils, wrapping paper, fragrances, tampons vs menstrual cups, aluminum, BPA, natural flavors, avocado, amazon, teflon and sugar.
We want to hear what insight you have gained as consumers from the show. Feel free to share your own personal experiences and ideas. Let’s elevate the conversation to raise more awareness around the impacts of our consumption.
Thanks in advance for the messages!