New Program Spotlight: The Choice is Yours

tomatoes was the subject of The Choice is Yours program. Hosted by Sheila and Dorothee on Thursday, June 25th at 9am.

Tomatoes was our subject this Thursday morning. You can listen to it in the archives Thursday 25th, at 9am. Or you can go through all the articles and videos that helped us create this show. Enjoy and tune in next 4th Thursday for aluminium cans. 

Here is the list : Overview :

About nutritional value :

About GMO :

About Shopper’s guide on pesticide :

About Californian production

About worker’s conditions in California :

About Florida slavery and Fair Food Program :

About coronavirus outbreaks in tomato production epicenter : April14th:
June 18th :

About Barry Estabrook’s book “Tomatoland” :

About processed tomato production :

About the hosts:

Sheila has been living in Humboldt for over 7 years and in California for nearly 15 years. She is a member of KMUD and is so grateful to all the staff and volunteers for keeping People Powered Radio alive. This is her first show with KMUD. She enjoys gardening, playing music and is currently a student learning Traditional Chinese Medicine. She considers herself a modern day back to the lander and tries hard to live a simple, sustainable lifestyle. She’s been trying to be a better consumer since her early 20’s and continues to educate herself because the more we know about the impact we are creating the better choices we will make. She is grateful to Dorothee for coming up with the concept of the show and is looking forward to the discoveries they will make that they can share with the community.

Dorothee has been living in Humboldt for 3 years and volunteered at KMUD since then. Her first show on the air was A Better Future.  Years of traveling through Latin America and Europe taught her about the injustices of our global system on the environment and its people. In France she worked in non-formal education on citizenship and sustainability with European youth projects. She loves to garden and lives in a quiet, ecological way in the Briceland forest.