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Your Hosts for the show:

Steve Dodge, Homegrown Consulting
Rick Silva, SEAM Consulting
Jim Fulton, Small Town Audio Resources

August 20 thtopic is: “New-Be Computer Questions and Answers”.

Our Guest: Sylvia Flores, Owner of The Jolly Muse. Services include: writing & editing, marketing consulting, and web design.
Also, Sylvia is a registered Expert, Sylvia (aka:Gadgetgirl)

Are you new to computers? Did your child get a new computer for school? Call in and ask your questions no mater how simple or basic, we want to help. Our computer expert guest, Sylvia Flores, and The Computer Guys will walk you through the world of a new personal computer.

Web site that may be used on air:
Our Guest Host

A table that compares features of various OS:,%20PC%20or%20Linux.pdf.

Online games

Especially for Kids

Internet Radio’s "Last Stand"

Outages Leave Google Apps Admins In the Hotseat

Anti-Net Neutrality Astroturfer Exposed

July 16 thtopic is “What can YOU do on the Internet”.

Our Guest: Seth Johansson of 101 Netlink
Netlink is a Tier 2 digital service company that is delivering high speed Internet with wireless links in our local area.

Join us as we explore what things can be done on the Internet these days. We invite you to call in and let us know how you use the Internet or ask us how to use it yourself.

News that may make the air:

Two Powerful Blows Against Air Pollution Controls

Senate Passes TelecomImmunity Bill

ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging FISA

Kaspersky To Demo Attack Code For Intel Chips

FCC Chief Says Comcast Violated Internet Rules

Viacom vs. YouTube: Beyond Privacy

FSF Helps Launch To Focus On Freedom In Network Services

Estimating the Time-To-Own of an Unpatched Windows PC

June 18th show topic is “e-Waste; Why We Upgrade”

Our Guest:
Sam Trautman, of HMR Group. HMR Group is a Full Service Asset Management Company that offers out sourcing partner services to assess, purchase, process and recycle surplus electronics and equipment, providing compliance with environmental and government regulations.

Join us, as The Computer Guys look at what drives e-waste and what you can do about it. Also learn what will soon be filling your local land fill in 2009.

The phone lines open at 7:30 and we will answer all your questions!

Here is a list of web sites that might be mentioned during our broadcast:

Our Guests Web Site:

Illegal e-waste exposed

Where Computers Go To Die:

Do the right thing:

Give it to someone who wants it:

Install Linux:

Video Ports Descriptions:

Geek-treat actual Pinouts:

Digital television On February 17, 2009:

Converter Coupons:

What to do with the old TV’s:

Sony takes it back for free:

Digital TV Blog:

>>>Possible News Articles (May change at air time)<<<

Cisco Says Internet Video Could Swamp The Internet
(Is this bad news to all those new IP phones starting to show up on desktops?)

UCITA By the Back Door
(Should a company have control over your computer?)

XP Deathwatch,T Minus 2 Weeks
(We will all eat Vista-cake or die a mac-head)

White House Wins Ruling On E-mail Records
(What can they be held accountable for?)

Wire tapping Law Sparks Rage In Sweden
(It is not just the US that wants to see and hear what your say.)

The Story on Solder Whiskers:

May 21st’s show topic is "Internet’s Affects on Politics"
Our Guest will be:

John Birrenbach, Political Consultant

If you want to know more about how the Internet affects politics, then this is a show you do not want to miss.

Web sites we may use in the show from our show notes are listed below.


On the show:

April 16th’s show topic is "Communications"

Pre request, Here are Rick’s research websites

The Following Made The AIR!



Humboldt Switchboard (Great local events resource and Referrals)

Humboldt Freecycle (TM) mailing list

Access Humboldt (Make your own video)

NEWS Articals Readon April’s Show:

US To Employ Overhead Spying Domestically

Important Court Decisions Chip Away At ISP Liability Shield

Administration Claimed Immunity To 4th Amendment

Items that never made the show:

Humbold tTriva,_California

Humboldt Blogs-Just a few of the zillions of blogs about Humboldt County,

Kids and Family support

Humboldt Institute for Technological Studies Connecting Kids

101 things to do in Humbooldt (Very cool way to show a book on line)

March 19th’s show will be about Sex and the Internet.

Our guests were:
Jill Brenneman, Executive Director, SWOP East (Sex Workers Outreach Project)

Amanda Brooks, Author, The Internet Escort’s Handbook

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