Traffic stop nets large marijuana and cash siezure

 According to a press release from the Humboldt Sheriff’s Office, dated Nov.7, 2011:

On Nov. 5, 2011, at approximately 10:30 a.m. a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy was patrolling in the area of Locust and Conger Streets, Garberville, when he stopped to allow a Chevy Suburban with Michigan License plates towing a trailer to exit a parking lot of a local business. As the Suburban and trailer passed in front of the deputy he smelled a very strong odor of marijuana. The odor appeared to be emanating from the Suburban pulling the trailer. The deputy continued following the vehicle and the smell continued, confirming the deputy’s suspicion of where the smell was coming from. The deputy conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle at the corner of Redwood Drive and Alderpoint Road, Garberville. The deputy contacted the driver of the Suburban who identified himself as James Walter Coomes, 39 years old from Tuscon, Arizona. The deputy explained to Coomes why he stopped him and searched Coomes trailer and vehicle. 
Inside the trailer the deputy located 92 large cardboard boxes filled with marijuana bud. The marijuana is estimated to weigh over 250 pounds. The deputy also located approximately $10,000.00 in cash, and two money orders for $1,000.00 each. Coomes was arrested and booked into the Humboldt Correctional facility on charges of possession and transportation of marijuana for sale. His bail is set at $50,000.00.

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