Tree-sitters come down

Tree-sitters come down from their perches on former Pacific Lumber Co. land

Chief forester says activists have protected ancient trees

Tree-sitters are no longer living in the forest canopy on the former Pacific Lumber Company land.  They came down from their perches August 12 after representatives of the new Humboldt Redwood Company unmarked old growth trees for cutting.  HRC says they will no longer cut down old growth trees as part of a company-wide policy.  

The owners of Mendocino Redwood Company (and the GAP) took control over Pacific Lumber Company in early August, transforming it into the Humboldt Redwood Company.  The president and chief forester of Humboldt Redwood, Mike Jani, met with tree-sitters and other activists at three separate areas.  He told KMUD news reporter Cynthia Elkins that their site visit started at Nanning Creek, where tree-sits have been up for three years.   



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