Women On Wednesday Builders Show: MAY 16

Kelly Larson:   707-247-3000 In studio ·      INTRO: Electrical Engineer:  NABSEP certification! ·      Local Appropriate Energy: Lucian at Meadows Business park  ·      Community INFO:E-waste: Eureka Recycling Center Old Appliances in SoHUM cost $25 at the dump. ·      Workshop Schedule!·      Workshops:  1.    Womyn’s PV workshop                                June 18-29  Ohio/Colorado    www.solarenergy.org                 2.  Friday Sept. 14 & Sept. 15-16   www.solarliving.org                3.    Kelly also wants to promote a future Youth Renewable Energy Workshop, if someone will please organize the event and/or find a venue for the event.   Thank you for spreading the word! Efficiency  =  Sexy Reference: Fine Homebuilding, March 2007 p.66                   Natural Home march/april 2007  p. 18Freezer info: p. 28 natural homeWindows…which to purchase..p. 78 natural home!! What’s it going to cost me to go solar?  Three easy steps to get a ballpark calculation for utility-tied systems.  1.    find your daily utility usage by dividing the kilowatt-hours (kWh) used on an average month’s utility bill by 30.  2.    Divide that number by 5 (the average number of peak sun hours in the US) and multiply by 1.43 to account for system losses.  This is the size of the solar system, in kilowatts, that you will need ot take care of 100% of your electrical needs.  3.    Multiply that number by $9,000 ($9/watt installed) for a good ballpark idea of the gross installed cost. 4.     Off grid systems, need an estimated watt hours calculationCan state rebate incentives take a chunk out of that price?  p. 22 Natural Home magazine…Get Greenbacks from uncle Sam..Go to www.dsireusa.org to find out what grants of incentives are available in your state.  For instance, in California, you can multiply your gross installed cost by 0.65 to account for rebates and tax credits.  In New York or New Jersey, multiply by 0.5.   CODEEureka, state code GFI = ground fault interceptor   ·      Brand not so important, more that you have a multi-crystalline, fine Amorphous (tiny silicon) PV paneling is not proven i.e. roll-out solar shingles (15 yrs vs. 35 yrs. Of evidence).     ·      Solar Water Heaters ·      Good place to get cheap deep cells = Lucian’s Appropriate Energy in the Meadows Business Park, between Garberville and Redway or Sears, CostCo, Napa, Kragen, etc.  ·      The old adage: Any wire attached to a battery must be fused!·      “I saved at least $1,800 the first yr. and then expanded with a second system.  I’m saving an average of $450 per month.”-Lagorio family  Working with energy-efficient windows, and Energy-Star qualified waher/dryer, a tankless water heater, compasct fluourescent lighting and a pellet stove. ·      Kelly’s brand preferences…Trimeter amp. hour meterOutback MX60 ·      To install Harris Hydroelectric Turbines: You need 20 gal/min and 100 ft. vertical drop!Local Green Builders: Arco Iris Consulting  www.arco-iris-woodworking.comSolar Winds Northern Lights  707-498-2804Freecycle.org Charmaine Taylor:  707-441-1632  www.dirtcheapbuilder.com  1. Update on old projects: Completion of Figwort and foxglove Cottage (CR SHEDS)2. New projects! ·      “GLEANING” – SALVAGEING  Arcata Metal Yard:  Arcata Scape & Salvage, 192 South G St. ·      Ken Kern-first to promote cob building in US & slip form mold as a tool.  He used Cinva twice but preferred Magdiel form & soil cement= clay, sawdust.  ·      Lime harling – thrown lime plaster·      Book: Fundamentals of the Stabilization of Soils w/Lime ·      OB = owner built ·      “INSTEAD OF TYVEK YOU CAN USE OLD FASHION BUILDING PAPER, WHICH IS SIMPLY IMPREGNATED PAPER, OR NOTHING, OR FABRIC SLIPPED IN CLAY..IDEAS ARE ENDLESS. OR CARDBOARD SLIPPED IN CLAY OR LIME.”  ·      “AE: asphalt emulsion and Rub-R Slate mixes which have cardboard, paper, sand, sawdust, lime etc. recipes deviating from the original mixes the inventor gave.”  Non-toxic does not give off gas, misinformation confuses it with ROAD& CUT BACK ASPHALT, which is a different formulation, stinks and is flammable…not the same!    Future Show Topic:·      Designing sustainable, cost-effective, and energy –efficient K – 12 school buildings:  www.hpschooldesigntraining.com·      Sustainable schools website:  www.sustainableschools.dgs.ca.gov/SustainableSchools/SCHOOLS:CALIFORNIA BEGINS DEVELOPMENT OF ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERABLE SCHOOL BUILDING PRODUCTS ONLINE DATABASE!GO TO: www.eppbuildingproducts.org Producer: Terri KlemetsonEngineer:  Juna Madrone BerrySpecial Guests: Kelly Larson, Charmaine TaylorWOW shout out to all who participated!      

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