The GRC 2010 Organizing Committee thanks everyone who submitted proposals and gave wonderful workshops. There was a full offering of fine Workshops, Roundtables and Demonstrations, abbreviated (W); (RT) and (D) in the list below, offering topics in five tracks abbreviated as follows for the listing below:
(T) = Technical, (P) = Progamming, (SC) = Social Change Through Media, (N) = News,
(AFR) = Administration/Fund Raising.
There was a final Workshop "Look-at-a Glance" Schedule and Program Guide available at GRC Check-in and Registration and also available throughout the Conference.  Unless otherwise noted, all workshops were held at venues within short walking distance in Garberville.

Draft GRC 2010 Workshop Schedule

Friday, May 14-Breakfast 7:30-9 AM

9-10:30 AM:

  • Julia Minton: "Using the Internet to Organize for your Cause." (W/T)
  • Maka Muñoz: "Organizing a Network of Immigrant Radio Stations & Programs." (W/SC)
  • Michael Papadopolous: "Would Your Station Drop Social Activism to Stay Afloat?" (RT/AFR)
  • Govinda Dalton and Christina Aanestad: "The Earthcycles Media Bus/Low Power FM Set-Up and Demonstration."  (W/T)

10:45-12:15 PM:

  • Terri Klemetson & Christina Aanestad:"The Skills and Concepts of Being a Community Journalist." (W/N)
  • Maggie Avener and Pete Tridish: "The Future of Broadcasting." (W/P)
  • Michael Couzens: "Low Power FM Applications." (W/AFR)
  • Paul Bame: "Management vs. Dissent – A Radio Classic!"    (W/AFR)

Friday, May 14-Lunch 12:30-2 PM

2:15-3:45 PM:

  • Al Davis: "Demystifying Audio Signal Processing." (W/T)
  • Laura Flanders: "New Media/New Movements: Can They Build Each Other? " (W/N)
  • Clay Leander and Michael Couzens: "Harmonic Frequencies:Community Radio and Independent Musicians’ Rights." (W/P)
  • Sean McLaughlin: "Community Broadband and Media Access – Future Trends." (W/T)

4-5:30 PM:

  • Dan Roberts and David Pakman: "Creation and Online Distribution of Independent Radio Programs." (W/P)
  • Maggie Avener: "Streaming Radio for Community Stations." (W/T)
  • Jimmy Durchslag and Halimah Collingwood: "Getting Great Guests for Talk Shows." (W/P)
  • Deena Kolbert: "Lifting the Veil in Team Relationships:Boards, Staff, Volunteers, Committees."    (W/AFR)
  • Govinda Dalton and Christina Aanestad: "The Earthcycles Media Bus/Webcast Set-Up and Demonstration."  (D/T)

Also On-Going Fri:

  • Simon Frech, James Ficklin and others: " Demonstration of a Portable Emergency Broadcast Studio”  (D/T)


Friday, May 14-Dinner 5:30-7 PM

For Keynote and other Friday Night Activities see Keynote, Activities andEntertainment Page.

Saturday May 15-Breakfast 7:30-9 AM

9-10:30 AM:

  • Beth Rogers: "Volunteers: The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful." (RT/AFR)
  • Paul Bame: "How Community Radio Stations can use Web Sites to more Effectively Communicate with theirAudience." (RT/T)
  • Stephen Dunifer and Jim Ellnger: "Do It Yourself Radio in Developing Nations and Disaster Areas." (W/T)
  • Mark Drake, Elizabeth Robinson, Rip Robbins: "Some Limits to On-Air Expression." (RT/AFR)

10:45-12:15 PM:

  • Antonia Lamb: "EMF, Wi-Fi, & Electronic Safety for Radio Persons."    (W/AFR)
  • Claude Marks: "Using Archives: Preserving the Past, Iluminating the Present, and Shaping the Future." (W/SC)
  • Al Davis: "Antennas, Interference,and Your FCC Application." (W/T)
  • Ani Raven: "Staff Structures for Community Radio." (RT/AFR)
  • Barry Vogel: "Interviewing Skills." (W/P)
  • Terri Klemetson, Ali Lightfoot and Diana Montaño: "Audio Editing: Something for Everyone." (W/N)-At KMUD in Redway

Saturday, May 15-Lunch-12:30-2 PM

2:15-3:45 PM:

  • Malihe Razazan  and  Sahahram Aghamir: "The Do’s and Don’t’s of Reporting on the Middle East and North Africa."    (W/SC)
  • Maka Muñoz: "Radio as a tool to community organizing." (W/SC)
  • Dave Adelson: "How Digital Distribution Changes the Game for Community Radio – the Challenge to Open Up." (W/T)
  • Terri Klemetson and Brandy Doyle: "Community Journalism: Its Relevance in Radio and How to Bring it to your Newsroom."    (W/N)
  • Behr, Liz Davidson, and Ani Raven: "Pledge Drives."    (RT/AFR)

4-5:30 PM:

  • Adrienne Lauby,Leah Gardner and Chandra Hauptman: "From Hero Worship and Pity to Respect and Friendship: Disability and Radio."   (W/SC)
  • Ana Martina: "Flujos Vivos, Broadcast Internet Radio! Open Source and Free Software in Grassroots Organizations." (W/T)
    Dinner 5:30-7:00
  • Brandy Doyle and Pete Tridish: "The D.C. Report: Community Radio, Politics And Policy." (W/SC)
  • Maria Gilardin: "Can a Radio Station Build a House or Restore a River?"  (W/SC)
  • Bob Froehlich: "What Makes for Compelling Radio?" (RT/P)

Saturday, May 15-Dinner 5:30-7 PM

  • 6-7:30 PM Pacifica Affiliates Meeting

For Saturday Night Activities see Keynote, Activities andEntertainment Page.

Sunday, May 16-Breakfast 8-9:30 AM

10:00-11:30 AM:

  • Jim Ellinger and Elizabeth Robinson: "AMARC and Community Radio Around the World." (W/SC)
  • Dave Adelson: "How the Licensing of Community Radio Content Affects Distribution, On-Air and Online, Now and in the Future." (W/T)
  • Andy Barnett: "Producing Live Variety Shows for Community Action."    (W/P)
  • Anna Hamilton and David Cobb: "Building Community Through Radio." (W/P)

Closing Plenary-12:30-1:45 PM

  • Included a talk from Petri Dish, of Prometheus Radio.

Sunday, May 16 – Lunch 12-1:30 PM

Guided Field Trips with Locals at around 2:00 PM:

to Pratt Mountain to see the KMUD transmitter and another to Richardson Grove State Park

Questions about workshops and proposals can be e-mailed to: [email protected]
Workshop Proposal Form:
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For General Questions about GRC 2010 or info. on this page mail: [email protected]

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