South Fork HS Graduation

KMUD will be live streaming South Fork’s 2020 graduation on June 13th. They will have a car cruise and a very socially distanced ceremony. Kmud is offering some special graduate presentations leading up to graduation. 1. A picture and bio on kmud’s website… a small write up about them and their future plans. A motto or quote maybe…similar to yearbook…2. An up to 30 second message describing each individual sr, written and submitted by the sr. It can be called in and read and we can record it, or it can be sent to me in email and we will print it up and it will be read by the hosts or engineers throughout the weeks leading to graduation. We need to start next week, reading 15 kids a week for 3 weeks up to graduation, to fit all 45 in….3. For 40.00 friends and family can congratulate their graduate and can call in and record or write it up and we will read the specific message for their graduate to be read/aired 5 times up to graduation. 4. If you would like to gift the graduating class of 2020 with cash donations to go towards a gift for each graduate since there is no sober grad night or Senior trip this year, that can be done by coming by the kmud office between 11 and 4 or tracking down Lori Ruiz. 🙂5. Finally, if you would like to help sponsor the live streaming of graduation you can buy an Underwriting spot for 15.00 to be read once before or after the live streaming. So for example I could do one as just a person and not a business: “Rochelle Agers would like to tell all the graduates what a great job they’ve done persevering through such hard times”… blah blah blah.. Or as a business “Agers vegetable farms would like to congratulate….yada yada”…Please make contact, send questions, and pics and bios to my email [email protected] want to get this started next week. So I’ll be checking my email all weekend to get us rollin!Congratulations South Fork Class of 2020!!