-KMUD's Business Sponsors, called Underwriters, provide ongoing financial support. The support from our underwriters - money, goods and services -- forms a significant part of KMUD's income, along with grants, memberships and donations.

In exchange for underwriting support, KMUD is able to acknowledge and thank businesses at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the run of our program schedule. KMUD is People Powered Community Radio -- our underwriting announcements are not commercial advertisements. However we are able to provide our broad listenership with information about businesses through underwriting announcements, including services offered, location and contact information.

For more information, we've provided the following presentations:

KMUD Underwriting Presentation Video (desktop version)

KMUD Underwriting Presentaion Slide Show (phone version)

It's easy and affordable to become a KMUD Underwriter and it's a great way to get your message out to KMUD listeners. Long term underwriting support helps regularize our income and make budgeting easier. Please consider short-term underwriting when you produce an event, open a new business, move to a new location, change your menu or if you are giving a workshop or conference. It's also possible to sponsor an announcement for another nonprofit organization -- it's a win-win -- KMUD gets your money and your favorite charity gets publicity on our airwaves.

When you patronize our underwriters, please let them know that you heard about their goods or services on the 'MUD...

To find out more about underwriting our music shows or public affairs programming call the KMUD Business Office at 923-2513,  or email udw -at- kmud.org

Our Current Underwriters

Alexandri Construction, 1461 Anvick Rd, Arcata, 707-496-5940
Arcata Artisans, 888 H St., Arcata, 707-599-3192
Blue Lake Casino & Hotel, 777 Casino Way, Blue Lake,877-252-2946
The Blue Moon Gift Shop, 772 Redwood Dr, Garberville, 707-923-2632
Blue Star Gas, PO Box 456, Garberville, 800-551-HELP
Benbow Historic Inn, 445 Lake Benbow Drive, Garberville, 707-923-2124
Bergin Sipila Vineyards, PO Box 55, Laytonville, 707-247-3444
B'nai Ha-aretz, PO Box 1835, Redway, 707-923-3198
Brass Rail Bar & Grill, 3188 Redwood Dr., Redway, 707-923-3188
Briceland Vineyards, 5959 Briceland Rd, Redway, 707-923-2429
Chautauqua Natural Foods, 436 Church, Garberville,707-923-2452
Chip Tittman & Arco Iris Woodworking, Design, Construction & Consulting, Miranda, 707-943-3879
Days Between Festival, 50350 Highway 101, Laytonville, 707-984-6507
Dazey's Supply, 3082 Redwood Dr, Redway 707-923-3002
Ed Denson, Atty at Law, PO Box 158, Alderpoint, 707-926-5312
Eel River Realty, PO Box 175, Miranda, 707-223-5583
Emerald Technologies, 915 Redwood Dr. Suite D, Garberville, 707-923-1268
Eureka Natural Foods, 1450 Broadway St., Eureka, 707-442-6325; 2165 Central Ave., McKinleyville, 707-839-3636
Ferndale Music Company, 850 Main St., Ferndale, 707-786-7030
Ferriera & Son Dairy, Arcata, 406-366-9808
Finnish Country Sauna & Tubs, 495 J St, Arcata, 707-822-3442
Flood Plain Produce, 31117 Avenue of the Giants, Pepperwood, 707-722-4330
ForestScapes LLC, 2290 First Rd., McKinleyville, 707-382-8702
Geolink Wine, P.O. Box 4222, Arcata, 707-822-1979
Green Ox, 89 West 4th St., Arcata, 707-633-4661
Gross Prophets, P.O. Box 277, Whitethorn, 707-986-7020
Heartwood MTN Sanctuary, 220 Harmony Lane, Garberville, 707-923-5000
Humboldt Bay Trade & Pawn, 1435 5th St., Eureka, 707-442-7777
Humboldt Roller Derby, Eureka
The Independent, PO Box 2438, Redway, 707-923-4205
Judy Davis Insurance Services, 1933 Central Avenue, McKinleyville. 800-373-5281
Karen Miclette Insurance Agency, 833 Redwood Dr, Garberville,707-923-3206
The Lost Frenchman, 3344 Redwood Dr., Redway, 707-633-4661
The Lost Whale Inn, 3452 Patricks Point Drive, Trinidad, 800-677-7859
Mateel Community Center, PO Box 1910, Redway, 707-923-3368
North Coast Co-Op & Bakery, 940 9th St., Arcata, 707-826-8661; 4th & B sts., Eureka, 707-443-6027
North Coast Growers Association, PO Box 4232, Arcata, 707-441-9999
Northtown Books, 957 H St, Arcata, 707-822-2834
Organic Grace, 906 Redwood Dr. Garberville,707-923-1296
Pacific Watershed Associates, PO Box 4433, Arcata, 707-839-5130
Patterson Connors, 1040 Main St., Fortuna, 707-725-3400
The Peg House, 69501 Hwy 101, Leggett, 707-972-9331
People's Real Estate of Humboldt, PO Box 786, Garberville, 707-923-2328
Pierson Building Center, 4100 S. Broadway, Eureka, 707-441-2700
Plant Humboldt, 6070 Briceland-Thorn Rd., Briceland, 707-923-5063
Ramone's Bakery, 209 E St, Eureka, 707-442-1336
Redway Liquor & Deli, 3362 Redwood Dr., Redway, 707-923-3913
Redwood Coast Energy Authority, 633 3rd Ave., Eureka, 707-269-1700
Redwood Palace, 6735 Avenue of the Giants, Miranda, 707-223-5749
Redwood Properties, 831 Redwood Dr, Garberville, 707-923-3210
Redwoods Rural Health Center, 101 West Coast Rd. PO Box 769, Redway, 707-923-2783
Revolution Bicycle Repair, PO Box 806, Arcata, 707-822-2562
Sageman Drums, PO Box 100, Myers Flat, 888-472-4366
Signature Coffee, 3455 Redwood Dr., Redway, 707-923-2661
Six Rivers Optical, 2039 Harrison Ave., Eureka, 707-445-2079
Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District, 707-923-3921
Stokes, Hamer, Kirk & Eads LLP, 381 Bayside Rd. Suite A, Arcata, 707-822-1771
Stone Junction, 744 Redwood Dr., Garberville, 707-923-2562
Straight Talk About God, PO Box 1717, Redway, 707-923-2559
Strawberry Music Festival, PO Box 6644, Jamestown, CA, 209-984-8630
Sylvandale Gardens, 1151 Evergreen Rd., Redway, 707-923-3606
Toni Jones, 707-223-2724
Vocality Credit Union, 757 Redwood Dr, Garberville. 707-923-2012
Weathertop Nursery, PO Box 1376, Laytonville, 707-984-6385
Western Star Tree Company, 17 Coral Point, Shelter Cove, 707-223-5800
Wildwood Music, 1027 I St., Arcata, 707-822-6264

Would you like to see your business added to this list? Call the Business Office at KMUD, 923-2513, or email [email protected]

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