Public Service Announcement (PSA) Submission Guidelines

KMUD is thrilled to be a part of making your event a success. We value helping people stay connected and spreading the word for our community partners and the local public. Due to the volume of requests and the nature of our Volunteer Powered and Part-time Staff Powered Community Radio Station, KMUD lacks the resources necessary to convert press releases, brochures, calendars, email blasts, fliers and posters into ready-to-air Community Calendar and Public Service Announcements. Most radio stations require material to be sent in, ready to be read on air. KMUD will be doing the same to help our station run more smoothly and to meet your announcement needs in a timely fashion.

About Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are short, "non-commercial" announcements prepared to provide information to the public. These non-commercial announcements contain information that benefits its intended audience, rather than the company that created it. For example, a PSA that provides health information differs from an ad that promotes the sale of a health product. Consequently, most PSAs are produced by nonprofit associations, but commercial, for-profit organizations may also use them to promote their nonprofit activities and events.

Free air time (usually 10- to 60-second spots) on radio is available to groups such as community associations, advocate groups, nonprofit organizations and for-profit organizations that are promoting their community, nonprofit events with PSAs. Radio stations donate this air time to meet Federal Communications Commission public service requirements.

PSAs are used by organizations to:

Publicize community events.

Provide health and safety tips.

Assist in fundraising efforts.

Inform the public.

PSA message content:

Must contain information that is beneficial to the community.

Should not include controversial or self-serving material

*Please do not submit Press Releases, Brochures, Posters, Fliers, etc. as a PSA submission. If you have an item you would like the News Department to consider, please forward your Press Release over to them at [email protected], thank you.

We will do our best to circulate your PSAs that follow the guidelines. We reserve the right to rewrite or edit announcements before broadcast. KMUD does not guarantee that all accepted announcements will be broadcast, as time is limited.

How PSAs differ from Community Calendar Submissions

Public Service Announcements are 30-60 seconds and read in PSA slots throughout the day, on their own along with a few other KMUD or KMUD supporter (Underwriter) announcements.  They are rotated into assigned to slots and the frequency of reading varies.  Submissions may be made well in advance of the day of the event.  You may also want to register your PSA event as a Community Calendar event as well.

Community Calendar events are read in batches in order of the date of event during the 6:30-7pm Community Calendar and Classified Ads segment during the 2-4 weekdays before the day of the event.

Most events fall into the category of being  a Community Calendar event.  To submit one, please visit the Post an Event page.


Instructions for PSA Submission

Make sure your announcement is a PSA not a Community Calendar event (see above).

Please email submissions to [email protected]. (Questions about pre-recorded PSAs can be directed to [email protected] as well.)

Include as the Subject line: “PSA - event title”

Include the desired Start Date and Last Date for running the PSA.

Submit your PSA request two-weeks before you would like the first airing.

Follow the Checklist for Correct Formatting PSA Submissions to KMUD below and check out the example of a submission at the bottom of the page.


Checklist for Formatting Your PSA

  • Keep it Short! Keep it Fluid! Keep it basic. State the facts. Remember it is being read out loud.
  • Include Contact Information and necessary dates and times.
  • Keep it between 30 - 60 seconds (about 60-100 words).
  • Provide pronunciation (pro-NUN-see-A-shun) of difficult words and names. Field-specific, foreign, or technical words can be difficult for the reader to figure out on the fly. Your PSA will be conveyed more effectively if pronunciation is included.
  • Type out difficult email addresses and websites. Some web addresses and even emails can be difficult to read out loud. Help the volunteer programmer or engineer who will be reading your PSA out by typing out your website in a readable format. For example, can be written as: www (dot) get your PSA read (dot) com (slash) submission. The email address, [email protected] can be written: John Jonston (at) Your Company Name (dot) com.
  • No 'Calls to Action': Regulations require that we do not make any direct command or urge listeners to carry out an action (ex. "Come on Down", "Stop By", “Join in” or "Check out"). Instead please be sure to use neutral wording such as "You are Invited to.." or “You can join us…”, “You can stop by ….” or “You can check out..”.
  • Don't mention Price or Cost. Due to regulations, KMUD cannot mention prices. "Ticket information is available at ... " or “For more information contact …” are good ways to connect the listener to more info.
  • Last, but not least, READ YOUR PSA OUT LOUD TO YOURSELF! This will help you get a sense for how it will actually sound on air, and if there are any awkward moments or challenging sentences.
  • And, EDIT for typos, punctuation, and especially, content. Be sure that you have the essential info correct. Double, triple check the correct date, location and contact information where one mistake in a number can make or break the effectiveness of your PSA.


Example of a PSA Submission

This 49 second PSA was submitted by email addressed to [email protected] with the

Subject Line: PSA - Kids Create on 2/25/20

Email Body:

START DATE: 2/14/20

LAST DATE: 2/25/20

NAME: Kids Create - Garberville Library

Message to be read on-air:

Garberville Library presents “Kids Create,” a creative reuse workshop with SCRAP Humbodlt; designed for children 0-8 years of age. The event takes place Thursday, Feb 25th, from 1 - 2 pm at the Garberville Library, 715 Cedar St in Garberville. Learn all about creative reuse. This workshop includes a hands on activity, a craft project that participants can take home, and a new way of looking at discarded materials. Contact (707) 923-2230 for more information. To find out more about events like this, you can visit Humboldt Gov (dot) org (slash) Garberville Library or find SCRAP Humboldt at Humboldt (dot) Scrap Creative Reuse (dot) org.

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