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Staff are most easily reached during our office hours Monday through Thursday from 11 am - 4 pm.


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Sarah Starck

Interim Station Manager

(707) 923-2513

gm (at)

Lauren Schmitt

News Director

(707) 923-2605

lauren (at)

News Department

General news contact

(707) 923-2605 ext. 111

news (at)

Patricia Tinkler

Underwriting and Traffic Coordinator

(707) 923-2513 ext. 117

udw (at)

Dorothee Schaefer

Membership Coordinator

(707) 923-2513 ext. 116

membership (at)

Dennis Maher

Music Director

(707) 923-2513 ext. 106

music (at)

Simon Frech

Technical Director

(707) 923-2513 ext. 101

tech (at)

Rob Seifert

Production Assistant

(707) 923-2513


Lisa Music

News Assistant

(707) 923-2605

lisa (at)

Listener Comment Line

Tell us what you think of our programs!

(707) 932-5091

comments (at)

All Sides Now Editorial

Your opinion piece, up to 2 minutes

(707) 932-5276

asn (at)

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