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Why do you tune to KMUD ? 

Thousands of people tune to KMUD every day for essential information and entertainment. Chances are you’re one of them! Perhaps you’re loving the Local News, to know everything that matters to our area, or maybe you’re grooving to the Land of a1000 Dances or feeling part of Women on Wednesday. No matter how you engage with KMUD, we’re grateful to have you as a listener.  

That’s why today we’re swapping roles and handing you the mic. We want to hear from you — how and why do you to KMUD’s programs? 

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Great Redwood Trail
by Lauren Schmitt, News Director

Momentum for the Great Redwood Trail is growing as proponents have been holding community meetings in Humboldt and Mendocino seeking input on the Master Plan which will layout the framework for the trail in Eel River Canyon. The Master Plan is expected to be completed by December 2023. Portions of the 320 mile trail have already been completed in the Marin-Sonoma and Eureka-Arcata region. However, the most rugged and remote portion of the trail is slated to be built along the defunct railroad that runs adjacent to the main-stem of the Eel River, encompassing Southern Humboldt, Western Trinity, and Northern Mendocino. Land owners, first responders, tribal representatives, and environmentalists have expressed concerns related to trespassing, liability, fire danger, life safety hazards, the degradation of sacred cultural sites, and legacy toxins from the rail road, but supporters say it will bring economic opportunities to bolster local economies such as Alderpoint. KMUD News attended the July 26th meeting in downtown Alderpoint where all sides were discussed with local leaders, community members, and Great Redwood Trail proponents in this story.

In Mendocino, our sister station KZYX has also been covering the issue.

Most recently, an online workshop took place on August 2nd and it focused on the economics benefits. Here is Daniel Mintz’s coverage.

The construction of the trail through the Eel River Canyon will take years if not decades, but local stakeholders are encouraged to participate now and help influence how the trail’s corridor in Mendocino, Trinity, and Humboldt Counties is built before the Master Plan is completed. The Board of Directors with the Great Redwood Trail Agency will meet on August 17th at the Eureka City Council Chambers 10:30 am – 12:00 pm. KMUD News will bring you the highlights.


The Great Redwood Trail Master Plan project website

Great Redwood Trail Agency website

Movers and Shakers
by Dennis Maher, Music Director

Have you had the opportunity to hear Wild Ginger’s smooth and warm voice yet?  Wild Ginger is a new volunteer programmer, who has been recently training during Women On Wednesday with host B.R. “I’m inspired by the show” she says. “It’s an opportunity to empower each other and make sure women have a voice. The program is showing future generations all the opportunities available to them“.  “In a male dominated industry, B.R. makes sure to have only female voices on the show so that someone in need can have a safe space to listen”. Wild Ginger says she’s really enjoyed the training and opportunity to hang with community members at the station and at the Healy Senior Center Wednesday lunch where a substantial KMUD crew can sometimes gather to share the meal. Women on Wednesday with rotating hosts B.R. and Brenda Starr and Astrology with Selina Rain can be heard each week at 10am. Check it out live each Wednesday or in the archives.

Kmud welcomes our newest engineer, Kelsey Hale! Kelsey joins the ranks of our most skilled operators who facilitate all the dials and and intricacies of the talk and public affairs shows and deliver local information during Kmud’s news and information hour at 6pm weeknights as well as Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Keep an ear out for Kelsey.

Click on the photo to see a fun video of Jordan

Programmer Highlight : Jordan Jumpshot

Your good friend on the radio here with some data points. After more then 15 yrs on the KMUD airwaves I am still finding plenty of inspiration to create good radio. I am very fortunate to bring you radio very much in the moment, influenced often times by your comments and requests. Sometimes my own questionable choices become the portal through which we must travel to get where we are headed. Railroads, back roads bridges and rainbows and KMUD forever! We can make it happen in less time than a station ID.
With love to all, I thank you, Jumper

Listen to Jordan tonight (Wednesday), for a special Jazz and Jams edition from 8.30pm to midnight. 

The Choice is Yours
by Patricia Tinkler

Every fourth Thursday at 9am, The Choice is Yours delivers a well-researched dive into a myriad of topics. Doro, Sheila and Kimbo spend the month gathering huge amounts of documentation of their chosen topic and then editing it into a carefully crafted hour. Last month, their show on how the medical system over prescribes drugs instead of emphasizing lifestyle changes to treat disease was extremely provocative. If you weren’t opening your medicine cabinet and counting the bottles, you weren’t listening. While they emphasize that they are not experts, they lay out compelling information that makes you think.

As consumers we have choices. The Choice is Yours helps our listeners make better ones.

The Choice is Yours can be found on the KMUD archives

Silent Drive in the mail

Our Membership Drive committee, along with George, long time KMUD member and now Board member, and DJ Daniel, who you might wake up to regularly, got their talents with words and pencils together t
o create our Fall Silent Drive letter, to ask you, in the nicest way, to donate to KMUD. 
If you are already a member, you’ll receive their letter in a few days, keep an eye out for it. 
And if you are not a member, now is the time to do it via
KMUD’s website or via square.

Signature Coffee

by Patricia Tinkler, Underwriting & Traffic Coordinator

Change is happening at Signature Coffee Company. For the past several years, Karyn Lee-Thomas and her staff have been discussing succession plans and working their way through details. Next Tuesday, August 15th at 9am on The KMUD Business Show, Karyn will be my special guest to discuss the future of Signature Coffee. I’ve known her since I moved to SoHum, another woman with a coffee roasting business, and we enjoyed many conversations about specialty coffee, business in a male-dominated industry (that too is changing!) and life in Humboldt County. So please tune in….

Besides being a longtime underwriter for KMUD, Signature Coffee Company has also been my go to for freshly roasted organic specialty coffee. Our community is so lucky to have a craft roaster in town, and now Signature has a new top of the line roaster, another Diedrich, manufactured in Sandpoint, Idaho. A computer allows Nick Nochera, the lead roaster, to track the roasting process, from first crack to completion and be able to replicate the exact roasting arc the next time. It’s an incredibly useful tool for producing a coffee that satisfies every time.

Signature Coffee Company is located at 3455 Redway Drive in Redway. Open Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm.



Follow them on Facebook.




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Coffee Booth at Northern Nights and Roll on the Mattole

After a successful fundraising at Summer Arts, KMUD volunteers gather again to sell the legendary KMUD Iced Coffee at Northern Nights on July 14th to 16th and at the Roll on the Mattole on July 29th. Partnering with Signature Coffee, Chautauqua, Il FornoMateel Community Center, Redway Liquor Store to serve you the most delicious drinks and pastries. The new feature this year is our pour over hot coffee!

Southern Humboldt Pride at KMUD
behr’s Testimony
KMUD community radio and Vibe Queer Bar hosted the first SoHum Pride event on June 17.  Happily, it went off rainbowliciously without a hitch, despite some earlier tensions when a nearby church declined to grant permission to use their parking lot.  One of the wonderful elements of the day was seeing so many young queers enjoying the safe space provided by KMUD. The multi-generational event was attended by a few hundred people during the day and night.    The panels, music and poetry from the stage were broadcast live. I especially enjoyed theperformance of Thrash&Recycling on Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation. 

Moth’s Testimony
I came to Southern Humboldt Pride and KMUD’s event on June 17th as one of the facilitators of the “Reflections” art and poetry project. After working extensively with my direct queer community in Northern Humboldt, I came to the event full of pride and excitement to experience an enrichment of my community; the event delivered me an exhilarating taste of what I can only describe as “queer joy.” Watching so many friends, new and old, share their experiences and creations in such a vibrant environment gave me the hope I needed this June. It is known to us that current headlines and movement throughout the country are seeking to disrupt our sense of pride and love. At this event, I learned that our strength cannot be disrupted; we instead grow stronger when we lean into each other. I’m so thankful to have been part of this event and I look forward to future opportunities to bridge our geographical gaps and find joy in the loving web of our incredible queer communities. Thank you KMUD, Southern Humboldt Pride, and all my new friends and family. 

Healy Senior Center Board Show
by Tanya horlick, Public Affair Coordinator


Get ready for the one, the only Giant Yard Sale!!! Donations can be brought to the Redway ballfield in early August. Stay tuned to KMUD to hear about other, new activities the Healy Senior Center will offer this Summer and Fall. That’s right, Directors of Healy Senior Center will welcome your call-in questions, this Wednesday (Tonight) from 7-8pm, only on Redwood Community Radio…
Coffee and Cannabis
by Tanya Horlick, Pubic Affair Coordinator

Ever tried the “match made in heaven”? Hear all about the beautiful partnership of coffee and cannabis, with Steve Dodge and Sunshine Cereceda on KMUD’s Cannabis Show, last Monday 5-6pm. It’s a call-in show, every Monday evening or hear the latest at archive.kmudfm.org
Photo by Wonho Frank Lee of Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café

PG&E and herbicides in Humboldt
By Lauren Schmitt, News Director

In October 2022, KMUD broke the story that PG&E was planning to spray herbicides on hundreds of parcels throughout Humboldt County. (story here)
As a result, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisor passed an ordinance that prohibits the use of herbicides on county property.

On July 6th, at the Humboldt County Zoning Administrator meeting, new permits filled by Pacific Gas & Electric were reviewed as the utility was seeking to apply herbicides to private property, which was discouraged in the ordinance but not banned. Their permits also called for the removal of approx 160 trees in coastal zones ranging from 12-99 inches in diameter from Loleta to Orick.

Due to our reporting (this story here), members of the public were made aware of the new vegetation management plan and shared their dissent for the use of herbicides at last week’s meeting. Listening to the feedback from the public, Humboldt County’s Planning and Building Director, John Ford, approved PG&E’s coastal development permits with three important conditions: 1) use of herbicides are prohibited 2) before the removal of any trees on private property or trees on adjacent properties PG&E right-of-way occurs, land owners must be notified at least three times before removing trees 3) all brush piles shall be removed from the site. No dead or drying piles shall be left.

Listen to our latest story, here:

Humboldt “Prohibits” Use of Herbicides in PG&E’s New Vegetation Management Plan. 
Movers And Shakers
by Dennis Maher, Music Director

The Jazz Feast comes in all flavors at Kmud. Each week one of our rotating roster of jazz epicureans delivers the flavor of the week for an hour and a half. Styles range from vocal and straight jazz, bebop, spiritual, latin, and great new releases to satisfy the hungriest jazz heads and tourists alike. What began in the 90‘s, started by our loved and missed Jack “the Glickster” Glick, grows and thrives. Behr is your host on the first week of the month. Peggy is on the second week and it’s Jimmy on the third. Then we’ll hear Katie’s selections on the fourth week and look for Susan on the occasional fifth Wednesday of the month. And Happy Birthday to Peggy who just celebrated her 70th! Peggy who has been out for health concerns plans to return to the show very soon. The Jazz Feast is served on Wednesday afternoons at 4 o’clock.
Photo of Peggy at Reggae on the River 1991

Garden of Beadin’

by Patricia Tinkler, Underwriting & Traffic Coordinator

Charlotte Silverstein has been a fixture in downtown Garberville for over 35 years. Her store, Garden of Beadin’, is the type of niche business that imparts serious umami to any Main Street and we are lucky to have this important anchor store. Her successful online outlet,  traveling shows and classes diversify her business revenues which is critical given the economic challenges in Garberville. She and her partner have been longtime supporters of KMUD and deserve all of our support. Thank you Garden of Beadin’!

Garden of Beadin’ is located by the clock in Garberville, online at gardenofbeadin(dot)com, or by phone at (707)923-9120.

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Scroll down to the bottom to know more about KMUD Block Party 2023,
that happened on May 20th and see some photos. 
Coffee Booth and Live Broadcast
at Summer arts

KMUD is proud to collaborate, once again, with the Mateel Community Center for Summer Arts Music and Festival on June 24th and 25th. From the captivating Main Stage concerts to snippets from the other stages, and exclusive interviews with the artists, organizers, crafty vendors and enthusiastic visitors, KMUD is your gateway to the heart of this remarkable festival, via the airwaves.
Additionally, support KMUD by visiting our legendary coffee booth. It’s a great way to contribute to the station, enjoy some refreshments and randomly meet your favorite KMUD hosts.
Building repairs need your support
by Javi Rodriguez, Board member

Take a look at the KMUD studios in these pictures—there’s no denying that it is in need of some improvements. Fortunately, a dedicated group of volunteers, led by Mike Baker, has committed to painting, installing windows and making repairs over the summer. Our sponsors, Pierson Building Center and Whitethorn Construction made in-kind donations, without which none of this would be possible. However, we need donations to purchase the rest of the materials to complete this project!
Donate to KMUD.

News from the Newsroom!
by Lisa Music, News Asssistant


Kmud News proudly introduces Serenity Wood, a remarkable individual deeply rooted in the Southern Humboldt community. As a fifth-generation citizen hailing from the Alderpoint area, Serenity brings a unique perspective and unparalleled commitment to her reporting. Graduating from Cal Poly Humboldt with majors in English, Communications, Art, and Sociology, she possesses a diverse skill set that enriches her storytelling.

In addition to her work as a news intern at KMUD, Serenity juggles multiple roles in her pursuit of knowledge and community service. When she’s not reporting, you can find her waitressing at the Woodrose, stepping in as a substitute teacher, and engaging in various courses such as EMT, firefighting, and prescribed burning. Her dedication to expanding her expertise reflects her unwavering passion for making a positive impact.

As a Certified California Naturalist, Serenity’s love for local ecology shines through her work. She is particularly drawn to community efforts aimed at nurturing healthy fire practices in Southern Humboldt. Her deep connection to the region and commitment to fostering sustainable initiatives fuel her drive to explore and share stories that resonate with the local community.

Join us as Serenity Wood, alongside KMUD News, unveils the rich tapestry of Native American issues, regional events, and ecological wisdom, providing a platform for the voices that shape Southern Humboldt : Cultural Fire Behavior Course Brings Practical Knowledge to Indigenous Youth in Southern Humboldt

Radiovergnügen – “love of radio”
by Dennis Maher, Music Director

Our featured program this month is Eurobureau, and it’s host, Simon Frech, has been an essential fixture here since the infancy of Kmud. “I was always interested in radio. As a teenager I listened a lot to Swiss, German, and some French radio stations. Used to record a lot too. With some money I earned on a summer job, I bought my first cassette recorder.” Simon was then living in Switzerland and after traveling around Europe and Morocco, he arrived in the states in 1976. In the fall of 1987, when the station was only about five months old, the bones of what would become Eurobureau formed. In those early days the format was a music show known as Trans-Europe Express, with Kraftwerk’s song of the same name as the theme song. You may also remember it being called Foreign And Domestic and Simon being partnered with host Larry Heart. These two cobbled together the early shows from cassettes, albums and even reel-to-reel tapes and over the years, the show developed into the magazine format show we now recognize as the Eurobureau. Some of that magazine style was borrowed from Simon’s other early endeavor Good Morning, with Michael Brennan. Also contributing to the show was Bruce Anderson, the editor of the Anderson Valley Advertiser, who would call in regularly along with Rondal Snodgrass, Sanctuary Forest founder, with keen ecology observation and discussionThis is the show that would eventually become known today as Monday Morning Magazine. A tour de force and a thread to the past in the Kmud wonderful tapestry of programs, you can enjoy Simon’s Eurobureau with it’s european news, current perspectives and contemporary music releases on Wednesday afternoons at 2:30. 

This Thursday on Pride Nation 101–preparense (prepare yourself) a pensar en dos idiomas.  Hosts Roland Cory Medina and Chad Swimmer will examine and celebrate Pride Month–in a new and experimental bilingual format– asking how our lives would be different–como serian diferentes nuestras vidas– if those radical queens of color hadn’t stood up to the straight status quo of 1960s America at Stonewall Inn, 53 years ago.  Como serian diferentes.. without Pride.  Sin orgullo.  That is Pride Nation 101, Thursday June 8 at 5 pm on KMUD.

Jacob from “Thank Jah, it’s Friday”, RIP

Jacob Shafer was born and raised in the heart of Southern Humboldt. He was an incredible writer, actor and teacher. Audiences will never forget his unique flair and charisma on Thank Jah, it’s Friday for over 10 years… and all the ways he entertained our community. Jacob passed away last week, at a rather young age, leaving 2 kids behind, Ben and Jasper, to whom we give our most sincere condolences.
Listen to Thanks Jah last Friday (June 2nd) to hear his prior co-hosts and the listeners remember him, but not for the last time. 
Farewell Beloved Beth
by Pamela, Spirit of Rock’n’Roll and Wild River Radio, and prior KMUD staff.

Beth first came to KMUD’s old office in Garberville with the electric hair, tattoos climbing up her arms and earrings on her ears, nose and, of course tongue. 
She worked at KMUD for 20 years until she was off on a new adventure, to Kentucky. Beth was every bit the definition of an “individual”. She loved nature, flowers, spiders, bugs and birds. Beth had not had a very easy physical life from an early age, operation after operation, and always no or very little relief. 
I messaged a lot with Beth as she was in Kentucky, and one time she said about climate change: “I’m not sure humans can pull this one off, unless alien overlords come down (or up) to fix it all quick… seems like the best we can do these days is say I love You”
Hospice Show
by Tanya Horlick, Public Affairs Coordinator

Living through the loss of a close friend can be as painful as losing a family member. . . possibly more so. Close friends are, in a sense, our “extended or chosen family.” The Hospice Talk Show provides supportive space for the grieving process, every first Monday from 7 to 8pm. Hear this week’s show… archive.kmudfm.org
Welcome Baby Theodore!

Baby Theo has officially made his grand entrance into the world on April 17th! Our awesome general manager, Allison Kolb, has proudly brought a new little KMUDer into our midst. We’re showering Allison, Nathan and their adorable family with loads of congratulations and well wishes.
To Allison: Enjoy every precious moment of your maternity leave, and we can’t wait to have you back with us soon.
Get ready for some awesome adventures, baby Theo! The entire KMUD staff and volunteers are cheering you on.

Northtown Books

by Patricia Tinkler, Underwriting & Traffic Coordinator

When Covid 19 forced his business to close, owner Dante DiGenova pivoted to online sales, hoping his customers’ love of Northtown Books would drive sales. Adding Staff Picks and New and Noteworthy suggestions gave his clientele that touch of independent bookstore spirit during lockdown. Now fully back to normal, Dante continues to develop his website offerings using the calibre-ebook.com app. Embracing technology despite his own proud luddite leanings,  Dante only communicates in person or by phone, having no social media accounts. 

Northtown Books is located just off the Arcata Plaza at 957 H Street and can be reached at (707)822-2834 or by email at [email protected]. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 11am to 6pm; Sunday, noon to 6pm.

The Block Party was an outstanding success!
by Dorothee, Membership Coordinator

KMUD’s volunteers offered a remarkable fundraising event. The children were thrilled with the bouncy house and an array of exciting activities that had them playing to their heart’s content. The bands provided captivating performances. Moreover, we were fortunate to have incredible vendors who showcased the exquisite craft wonders of Humboldt. One of the highlights of the event was the unveiling of a breathtaking mural, skillfully crafted by artists Rawzen and Joe Mallory, adorning our storage container. 
Click on the photo above or here  to see more of the Block Party! 
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KMUD, Vocality and Golden Dragon invite you to kick off the summer season in style at the annual Block Party, free for everyone on Saturday, May 20th.
Babette’s delectable food, luscious libations, the world-famous CD sale, mural painting by Rawzen and friends. Kids are more than welcome in the Kids Zone, this year with animal balloons and giant bubbles thanks to the Tea Fairy. And amazing crafts vendors will occupy the street. 
Come and dance
Come and meet your DJs
Come and contribute to KMUD

And hey, the road will be closed off most of the day,
sorry for the inconvenience… 
Decolonizing Economics Summit
By David Cobb, co-host of Dishgamu

KMUD was proud to serve as an anchoring organization for the Decolonizing Economics Summit that happened April 20-22. KMUD joined the Wiyot Tribe’s Dishgamu Humboldt Community Land Trust; Cal Poly Humboldt Native American Studies, Sociology, and Political Science Departments; Native Roots Network; US Solidarity Economy Network, and over 30 other social change organizations in putting on a three-day virtual conference. 

More than 1,000 people participated online, and it culminated in an in-person Earth Day celebration at Pierson Park in McKinleyville, where several hundred folks gathered in person to listen to music, enjoy food, aerialists, clowns, and more.

KMUD broadcasted a key panel live each day. Of particular note was a panel entitled “Media & Decolonization.” KMUD News Director Lauren Schmitt was joined by Vincent Schilling of Native Viewpoint;  Jourdan Bennet-Begaye of Indian Country Today; Tom Llewellyn of Shareable, and Steve Dubb of Non-Profit Quarterly. 

All of the panels were recorded,
and are available at Decolonizing Economics Summit.

Movers and Shakers on the Music Scene

by Dennis, Music Director

Jazz and Jams is Kmud’s Wednesday night improvisational odyssey! Your rotating hosts, Larry and Wolfmandu, explore the present and future of the American art form we call jazz. Standing on the shoulders of giants is a great way to describe this program; nanos gigantum humeris insidentes. “We see more and farther than our predecessors, not because of keener vision or greater height, but because we are lifted up and borne aloft on their gigantic stature” wrote John of Salisbury in 1159.  Wolfmandu’s show continues to focus on some of history’s greatest recordings and personalities with a fine-tuned ear for the groovy and emotional cuts. Larry is keeping us up to date on the latest and greatest releases of our contemporary artists. You can hear their selections and deep, soft voices Wednesday nights at 8:30.

     Bettye Etter has decided to step down from her Wild River Radio show and has passed the baton to Kevin whom you may recognize as a music show sub or engineer. Kevin‘s great taste in folk music is well suited for the Wild River Radio program and we look forward to his programming. Not to worry however, you will still hear Bettye co-hosting on Homegrown Tomatoes where she shares a lifetime of knowledge and love of gardening to sate your eyes with color and tastebuds with flavor.

News from the Newsroom!
by Lauren Schmitt, News Director


May 5 was the National Missing or Murdered Indigenous Persons Awareness Day. The MMIP crisis has affected all native communities but has had a particular impact on our region of Northern California which has some of the highest reported case rates. Although last week was a national day of awareness, this is an issue KMUD News covers year round. Over the last few years, we have been speaking with Dr. Blythe George (Yurok), the Assistant Professor of Sociology at UC Merced and a co-author of To’ kee skuy’ soo ney-wo-chek’ – I Will See You Again In a Good Way, a blueprint for tribes to intervene in and prevent MMIP cases.
She shared the latest update from the frontlines of the MMIP crisis here.
Learn more about To’ kee skuy’ soo ney-wo-chek’, here.

KMUD News had the honor of guest hosting Heart of the Earth with indigenous scholar and musician,  Dr.Lyla June (Diné), and Perry Lincoln (Wailaki), of Native Health in Native Hands. Dr. June joined Lincoln in support of the Wailaki Cultural revitalization movement of Southern Humboldt and Northern Mendocino.
You can find that audio here.

Dr.Lyla June was at the Mateel Community Center on April 28th. We recorded the session in full here.

Southern Humboldt Pride at KMUD June 17th

KMUD has always been a strong ally and supporter of the LGBTQAI+ community, promoting inclusivity and acceptance for all. It is now time to honor this! Join us for a historic moment as KMUD radio and the Southern Humboldt community celebrate our very first Pride event!

SoHum Pride will feature live music, poetry, visual art and panel discussions about the struggles and triumphs of the local LGBTQ+ community. Come connect with others in the community, enjoy delicious food and drink, and soak up the vibrant energy of the day.

Southern Humboldt pride brought to you by the dedicated teams at KMUD radio, Vibe Queer Bar, Queer Humboldt and Lost Coast Pride

If you want to be vendor, apply here
Early Monday Mornings new shows
by Dennis Maher, Music Director

From next week, check out our changes to early Monday morning programming where we’ve included Choose to Be Curious and Planetary Radio back to back in the lineup beginning at 6 a.m.. 
Choose to Be Curious is a show all about discussing research and theory, but mostly it’s conversations about how curiosity shows up in work and life. 
On Planetary Radio, Host Sarah Al-Ahmed visits with scientists, engineers, mission leaders, astronauts, advocates, and writers who provide unique and exciting perspectives on the exploration of our universe. It’s brought to you by The Planetary Society, the world’s largest and most influential non-profit space organization of more than two million space enthusiasts.
Check them out and let us know what you think.
Programmer Highlight : Susan

Heading into my 5th year of hosting “Diving In”, and second year as a rotating host on the Thursday night Classical show. The name ‘Diving In’ refers to my initial plunge into the unknown territory of radio dj-ing, and into music’s extensive range.
I’ve used this opportunity to explore : Kmud’s library including new releases,  cross-cultural music, various classifications (blues, jazz, folk, world…), and historical applications. What I continuously learn in this exploration process informs successive shows. In other words: varied with an attempt at flow.

For the Classical show I tend toward smaller ensemble music, and again, try for a diverse presentation of ” Classical”.
Much thanks to all staff, volunteers, members, and underwriters.
2022 Annual Financial Report

Sarah Starck, KMUD financial consultant, presents her financial report for last year. 
You’ll understand more about inner working of KMUD and see that KMUD depends on your donations. 
Never too late to make a donation : kmud.org/donate

Shows about Environment on KMUD
by Dorothee, Membership Coordinator

For our KMUD table at Earth Day in McKinleyville, we made this sign and …. I was surprised myself by how much environment is an important issue on KMUD. Obviously we have the five, very different and informative, Environment Shows on Tuesdays 7 to 8pm, but look at the sign and find out that there is so much more, at any time of the day and night … about gardening or climate, about forests or cosmos, current affairs or everlasting issues…. KMUD cares about the environment! 
Check out all those shows on kmud’s archives
and on KMUD’s schedule
Donate your vehicle to KMUD

Have a boat, an old 1972 Buick Boattail Riviera, a non-running Rav 4 or a travel trailer with too many rooms for you and your significant other? Donate all of them to KMUD. Good timing for spring cleaning! 

No need to be running, but need a title, and to be accessible by a tow truck. Careasy is the non-profit that takes care of this for KMUD. 
Call 877-411-3662 or go to
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We would like to send a very special Thank You to the President of our Board of Directors, Chanin Stein, and Member Representative, Holly Kreb, who are both finishing up their terms this April. The station is in a better place because of the time, hard work, and dedication they put into serving the KMUD community. You can continue to hear Chanin on Moon River Meandering every other Thursday from 10 am to noon and Holly as an Underwriter for Flood Plain Produce. We are so grateful for your continued generosity. 
This Membership Drive felt special to the heart of the KMUDers, almost as if we hadn’t seen each other for 3 years! Finally we reunited in the studios, saw people’s smiles, collaborated with newbies on the mic and gathered 5 or more programmers in the studio talking about their love for the Mud. And the little Mixer Party last Friday? Wonderful! Not a big party, but such a good vibe of just being together again and all accompanied by great musicians, a cardboard jukebox and home -made kombucha!
Check them out :
@blueberryhillboogieband /  @outerspacearcata
Or on KMUD archives, for their live perfomance on New release Friday March 31st from 3 to 5.30pm
Thank you all for your support, much needed and appreciated.
And if you didn’t do it yet
Donate Now
“Are you interested in having your own show on KMUD?” All are invited to KMUD’s Spring Intro to Radio class! Free to folks interested in learning the ropes of live broadcasting good radio. C’mon down to our Redway Station, just past the Shell station at 1144 Redway Drive, and meet Dennis Maher and Tanya Horlick for hot tips and glimpses behind the scenes of KMUD. The class is coming up on April 28th from 5 to 7 pm. To sign up in advance, just write to [email protected] or [email protected] or call 707 923 2513 and ask for Tanya or Dennis. We need you, on People Powered, Redwood Community Radio…
Let’s Talk
by Tanya Horlick,
Public Affairs Coordinator

Did you catch the informative Talk about Cannabis last Wednesday night with Lelehnia Dubois? Special guest Dominic Cordova, Director of Cannabis Studies at Cal Poly Humboldt, delves with an educated lens deep into the history of C. indica and C. sativa on Earth.
Hear the show

News from the Newsroom!
by Lauren Schmitt, News Director

KMUD would like to introduce reporter Neroli Devaney, who joined the newsroom in March and will be covering all things Arcata. Neroli was born and raised in Arcata. At UC Davis, she first dipped her toes into radio at the student station KZSC. She programmed a show called Queen Beats which featured all women in hip hop, as well as many other shows, including some news! She currently sits as the station manager of Humboldt Hot Air; an Arcata based internet radio station she brought to life in 2021 through Playhouse Arts. She’s always loved what KMUD does for the community and is really excited to get involved in such a great station. Here she is with her #1 pal, Leo.
Here are the recent stories preceded by Neroli:

Arcata City Council members discuss the mid year budget report & new kayak ramp
Arcata City Council and Planning Commission Discuss Sea Level Rise

by Dorothee, Membership Coordinator
CounterSpin, hosted by Janine Jackson, has been a KMUD syndicated show for over 30 years. It provides a critical examination of the major stories every week, and exposes what corporate media might have missed in their own coverage. CounterSpin highlights censored stories and exposes biased and inaccurate coverage, while examining the power of corporate influence and sexism, racism and homophobia in the news.
Every Sunday on KMUD from 12 to 12.30pm.
Check out the last episode about Detention Center Fire and Medicare Advantage in  the archives
Save the Dates
May 20th,  KMUD Block Party at KMUD in Redway
Music, food, mural painting, kid corner and way more

June 18th, SoHum Pride at KMUD in Redway
Queer panels, Drag queen show, Visual poetry contest and way more

June 24-25th, Coffee Booth and Broadcast @Summer Arts and Music 
KMUD Block Party Vendors

KMUD community Radio invites all vendors
to participate in our KMUD Block Party
this coming May 20th.
If you want to vend, fill out the application form
Programmer/Engineer Highlight

Kevin first came to Humboldt in 83 to work on Salmon Restauration and always listened to KMUD. He has been here and away since then, but participated to KMUD’s building remodel at the time of the acquisition.  In the last year, he learnt the KMUD engineering art and is now helping on The business show on Tuesdays, on Thank Jah on Fridays and on Don’t get trouble on your mind on Saturdays. And recently he entered the Wild River Radio rotation as a DJ on 4th Sundays. 
He says he used to be shy, but
for KMUD he gave up shyness.

Underwriter Spotlight:
Redway Liquor and Deli
by Patrica Tinkler, Underwriting and Traffic Coordinator

Longtime KMUD supporters, the Formosa family, are owner-operators of Redway Liquor and Deli.  Their store, a mainstay in Redway, offers wine, spirits, soft drinks, tobacco, newspapers and magazines, pantry items and an awesome, reasonably priced deli. My husband and I are regulars, grabbing sandwiches several times a week, and grateful for the fair prices on our limited budget. Chelsea, a clerk, said it was “the working man’s deli” and Alonzo, David and Sita’s son, laughingly called it “liquor subsidized burgers.” However they do it, the deli puts out fresh lunchtime offerings, a daily special and quick slices of pizza if you don’t have time to order in advance. With lunches half the cost of other local choices, you can afford to be generous, so don’t forget to tip!
Redway Liquor and deli at (707) 923-3913

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The KMUD Spring Membership Drive is coming up soon beginning this Tuesday, March 21st but no need to wait until then to show your support for wild & inspiring radio. Members should be receiving our Silent Drive letters in their mailboxes. Please send them back. If you would rather use a card to donate online then click the link below. You make it all possible. Thanks for your support!
Donate Now
Movers and Shakers on the Music Scene
by Dennis Maher, Music Director

The Critics, live on KMUD airwaves on Friday 24Th

 Some schedule juggling and swapping for March has Zoltar’s Flying Saucer Hat landing on Monday afternoons at 1 till 3 where you’ll find his eclectic and zany sonic eccentricities on a new show. He’s swapped spots with Kmud’s newest DJ Daniel who’s now calling his engaging show Land Of 1000 Dances. Though not on any map, you’ll find this promised land on Tuesday afternoons from 1 till 2:30.
    Our programmers have plenty of great stuff in store for you this March. It’s a double header this month with Women’s History Month and our Spring Membership Drive sharing the calendar.
    Friday the 10th on It’s All About The Music, Mumzer will be interviewing Terrence Kelly, Director of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir and Jenni Simpson, Director of Arcata’s Redwood Interfaith Gospel Choir. They will be talking (and singing) about the gospel music tradition, the history of their choirs and the upcoming workshop and concert in Arcata.
    Our Spring Membership Drive will be from Tuesday the 21st until Friday the 31st. Notably, Humboldt County’s own, The Critics, will be in the Kmud Studio performing live on Friday the 24th promoting the release of their debut alternative rock album entitled “Miserable & Melodramatic”. Catch them during Kim’s Musical Possibilities show in the afternoon 3 till 5.  

KMUD Women
by Dorothee, Membership Coordinator

KMUD has been Women-led and driven since its inception. The general managers have nearly always been female. Impressively, all KMUD News Directors have been women. And a good half of our eclectic programmers identify as women, and transmit it on the air.
On March 8th, International Women’s Day, tune in for some special programming. To recognize Women’s History Month, KMUD DJs will be featuring more women’s music and voices throughout the month. 
Lyrics by Wolfmandu – Chorus and music by The Julie Ruin
Shout out to the Yin, the feminine, the moon
and the Women who make KMUD!

Agnes, Allison Kolb, Ali, Angelica, Anna Jaffray, Anna Rogers, Auntie Jo, B’anna, behr, Bettye, Bonnie Blackberry, BR, Brenda Starr, Brenda Perez, Chanin, Cindianajones, Cybele, DJ Septic, Dorothee, Emily Hobelman, Emma Nation, Eileen Russel, Helena, Holly, Flurina Niggli, Gerry, Giovanna, Jama, Jasha Mae, Julia Minton, Feral Selector, Katie Jazz&Jam Lady, Kelley Lincoln, Kerry Reynolds, Kim Phelps, Kimbo, Laura, Laura Leadingham, Lauren Schmitt, Leann Green, Lelehnia Dubois, Lisa Luv, Lisa Music, Linda Stansberry, Lolo Trash, Marcia Mendels, Margaret, Maria, Margie, Mary Massey, Michelle Vassel, Ingrid, Mumzer, Nadine, Noel Screech Owl, Nona, Pamela, Patricia, Patricia Lai, Peggy, Perilous Penny, Rabbi Naomi, Sarah Murray, Sarah Starck, Sarah Reith, Serenity Wood, Siena, Sheila, Shyla Blue, Sita, Stella Girkins, Sue Moloney, Susan, Sunshine Cereceda, Sunshine, Tanya Horlick, Tasha McKee, Verde, Uma, Wendar, Witch Hits, Yarrow… 
You girls rock!!!!!

by Lauren Schmitt, News Director


KMUD Nation has had an eventful start to 2023. Our news team has been working around the clock to keep listeners informed on what seems like a never-ending series of natural disasters and newsworthy events.
KMUD has aired numerous stories highlighting the plight of local residents, and have amplified the voices of first responders, emergency services, and neighbors helping neighbors.

I myself have been 14 days without power, waking up to a foot of fresh snow nearly every morning. That won’t stop our team from bringing you the news every weeknight at 6pm. Like all of us, I have relied on my community to help keep my basic needs met which has allowed me to keep the news on air.

Since February 21st, online metrics show that over 128,000 people have relied on our news and emergency updates. We couldn’t do this without your support. KMUD news wishes all of you the best during these trying times.

Here is a quick list of resources:

If you are in need of assistance leaving your property or would like to request a welfare check for a neighbor or family member, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office 707-445-7251
or the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office at 707-463-4086.

Call 9-1-1 to report downed power lines, trees, and other life threatening emergencies.

State Highway Conditions: quickmap.dot.ca.gov

Weather Forecast: weather.gov/eka

Power Outage Updates: www.pge.com/outages

Learn here  how to submit a claim with PG&E for compensation

“Peace shall be established by peaceful means”
by Dorothee, Membership Coordinator
I have recently been so touched by a few shows about the war in Ukraine. KMUD always has promoted peace via engaging shows, which look at facts openly and don’t follow the mainstream mediatization of war presidents. 
I recommend :
Heroes and Patriots on Thursday, March 2nd at 9am
and Alternative Radio on Monday 6th at 9am.
Check out the archives, be ready to feel angry and sad, and want to rise up!
KMUD Participates in People Powered Democracy
by Tanya Horlick, Public Affairs Coordinator
Coming up on Redwood Community Radio on Wednesday, March 15th from 5-6pm :  join us to participate in a local election and live discussion with the current candidates for an open seat the KMUD Member Representative. One of two candidates, Emma Nation-Meyers or George WinterSun, will be the next KMUD Member Representative, and you can be a part of that decision – just send in your ballots no later than March 31st!
Committee Advisory Board meeting
by the CAB members

The KMUD Community Advisory Board invites listeners to its next meeting by Zoom on March 9 at 6 pm.  We are interested in your opinions about how KMUD might serve its community even better. 
Here is the Zoom link.
For questions or contribute written thoughts, email the Community Advisory Board at [email protected]
Underwriter Spotlight:
The Peg House
by Patrica Tinkler, Underwriting and Traffic Coordinator

Just across from the Standish-Hickey State Recreational Area in Leggett, The Peg House is a wonderful place to grab a burger and beer and if lucky, listen to some live music in the courtyard. Owners Diana and Gary Ballard may be looking at an exit strategy as they hope to retire, but their welcoming presence is evident in every detail. Late last summer I took a break from a long road trip and left totally impressed with the service, the food and the beer on tap (Russian River’s Pliny the Elder! which is highly allocated, as we say in the bar business). As I sat enjoying my meal, I marveled at the gorgeous garden, full of sunflowers, dahlias and tomatoes. This was clearly a labor of love!

69501 US-101 in Leggett

Humboldt Women In Radio
is happening tonight as a part of the 7th Annual Zero to Fierce event
at the Arcata Playhouse.

Learn more here
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Local Public Affairs Spotlight by Tanya Horlick, Public Affairs Coordinator
You don’t have to be an early bird to catch Monday Morning Magazine on the KMUD Archive. Don’t miss The Healing Episode (for inter-generational trauma) hosted on January 30 by Patricia Lai, with a heartwarming celebration of MLK Day featuring HC Black Music and Arts Association and the Harambee Community Choir.  P.Lai also speaks about the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit, and the Chinese Expulsion of 1885 with Daryl Chinn of the Eureka Chinatown Project and Yolanda Latham of Moon Creek Corporation. : Click here to listen.  KMUD Radio is in solidarity celebrating Black History Month! Stay tuned this Thursday from 5-6pm for a Black Humboldt special, broadcast in their own words, from the ancestral land of The Hupa, Karuk, Mattole, Tolowa, Wailaki, Wiyot and Yurok Peoples, on KMUD Public Affairs! You can tune on the dial or through our website
KMUD News Highlights by Lauren Schmitt, News Director
Happy 115th Birthday Edie Ceccarelli!
Hi KMUD News Fans! The start to 2023 was a bit rocky, literally. Our resilient community continues to rebuild and recover from the damages caused by both earthquakes and series of strong storms. February is off to a great start with a series of celebrations, starting with Black Liberation Month. KMUD News spoke with Black Humboldt and the Mendocino Chapter of Black Lives Matter to get an overview on the months long celebrations that honor the black community. Listen here. Edie Ceccarelli celebrated her 115th birthday in Willits this past weekend. Mendocino’s supercentenarian is the oldest living person in the United States and the third oldest in the world! Learn more about Edie and her amazing life here. Forest defenders and Indigenous activists celebrated a victory in Potter Valley as PG&E pledged to underground lines instead of cutting down and active Bald eagle nest. More on that story here. The Foggy Bottoms Boys won statewide recognition for their regenerative farming practices, bringing the 2023 Climate Smart Farmers title home to Ferndale! You can learn more about the ‘fabulously gay farmers’ and their sustainable techniques in this story. Listen here. Through times of disaster and times of celebration, KMUD News is here to bring you the story. Thank you for your ongoing support!
Movers and Shakers on the Music Scene by Dennis Maher, Music Director

That Captain playing at the 2018 Block Party

Hey everyone, let’s welcome Daniel to the Kmud roster! He’s a young enthusiastic Dj with a great breadth of musical taste and knowledge. You may have heard him getting his feet wet subbing on a variety of shows and times over the past month, perhaps on Saturday mornings on our Railroads And Bridges Country Morning Special, or on  Monday afternoons at 1 during the Stay Tuned show where he fills the gap left when Jeff took his Music Junkie Appreciation Group and moved to Sunday nights.

In case you missed it we had a great singer/songwriter performing for us live in studio B on January 30 at 2 during Stay Tuned!. It was Marc Borde from That Captain band who you may remember from the KMUD Block Party in 2018. What a fabulous and intimate performance and exchange he gave us and you can catch it on Rewind! at 2am this Saturday the 11th and it will be available on the archive for an additional 2 weeks. Speaking of great performers: Alice DiMicele could be heard on our last two Women On Wednesday shows on February 1st and 8th. She called in to chat with both B.Starr and B.R. as she prepares for shows in the area and a matinee right here at the Redwood Playhouse in Garberville with Francine Allen opening on Sun February 12th at 3pm.
Underwriter Spotlight: Bergin-Sipila Vineyards by Patrica Tinkler, Underwriting and Traffic Coordinator

Bergin-Sipila Vineyards

For more than four decades winemaker David Bergin and farmers John and Marbry Sipila have been committed to sustainable living through organic gardening and permaculture. David has a small vineyard of Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon in the northernmost part of Mendocino County, at Piercy, near the Red Mountain Wilderness Area. John and Marbry grow Syrah, Tempranillo and Zinfandel on their ranch in the Bell Springs area north of Laytonville.

The winery is completely off grid. Solar, wood heat and passive cooling provided by the forest above, the trio created a sustainable loop by composting all vineyard waste. The fruit is all organic, fermented on native yeasts and without sulfites. It is bottled without filtration in American and French oak. As a former wine professional, these winemaking methods are difficult to control but sublime when done well. And these vintners know their craft. Bergin-Sipila Vineyards wines are available at these underwriters’ establishments:  Chautauqua Natural Foods, Redway Liquor and Deli, The Lost Frenchman, The New Harris General Store and The Peg House. For other retailers and information, their website is berginsipilavineyards.com
Humboldt Women In Radio is happening this year as a part of the 7th Annual Zero to Fierce event: March 5th – 11th at the Arcata Playhouse. Learn more here. 
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2022 : Another year full of adventures at KMUD !


Earthquakes, fires, storms, outages and more, covered brilliantly by the KMUD News team.  A lot of moves among the programers, but also your long time favorites are still here for your pleasure.
We happily welcomed 3 new members to the Board of Directors in December : Member Rep Chestine Anderson, Board appointed Flurina Niggli and Programer Rep Javier Rodriguez.  And we have another set of members election coming in April.
Unfortunately some programers have passed:
Jack and Dr Peat, our thoughts to you!
A mosaic of emotions and people in this varied crowd that forms KMUD collective. But always 24/7 of delightful programming to inform, educate, entertain and inspire our ever transforming community. 


KMUD News in the Earthquake!

This is Lois Cordova, your KMUD “Virtual Newsroom Assistant” (Weather, CSAR/Burn Day, Breaking News bulletins, etc), and member of our Emergency Response Team. I usually monitor the scanners, and during emergencies I also cruise social media, air traffic, and other pertinent to the emergency sites and people. Usually…

Just after the December 20th, 2022 earthquake, at 2.34am, Lauren was on KMUD reporting on what she could learn from her home. Luckily, KMUD overnight DJ, Kerry Morgan was live and helped to keep the information flowing for listeners. Lauren learned early I had been severely impacted here in my home in Rio Dell. So Lauren drove to Rio Dell to report and to rescue me.

I was incapacitated as a KMUD helper, our power was out, and it was Lauren that helped to excavate my egress blocked by books and right some major furniture and appliances, before we went out together.

There was no internet services in town, so we collected information and raced back to the studio with interviews and notes.

Meanwhile, Membership Coordinator Dorothee, News Editor Stella Girkins helped to keep the public informed on the air. KMUD News was able to provide Spanish translation of each update and vital information, provided by KMUD Programmers Ingrid Leon and Brenda Perez.

In many cases KMUD was able to disseminate information for our listening faster than officials were able to post the same information to social media!! With the help of Measure Z funds, and a generous donation from the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office, KMUD was able to bolster our emergency reporting infrastructure to more quickly keep our listeners informed.

Once again on New Years Day we sprung into action, and while damages were more severe to many structures, infrastructure like power, phone, and internet were more quickly restored. While Lauren was doing live update with local earthquake expert Lorie Dengler, our Station Manager Allison Kolb, and her partner Nathan, along with my daughter and her partner “excavated me” from, yes, MORE cracks and piles, and we were able to keep the public informed, as a whole team this time, about this ongoing emergency and aftermath.

Now myself and the News team are awaiting this “category 4” atmospheric river that will impact our entire listening area, near and far. Listen in to stay informed. 

KMUD News is committed to bringing live and breaking emergency reports, and will share a full synopsis at the top of each hour as needed. 

Listen to the KMUD News here

Time stopped in Rio Dell….
Rio Dell’s clock stopped when the earthquake happened and the power went off!

New : Business show


KMUD’s new Local Business Show debuted on Tuesday mornings at 9am in December, 2022, following Charlotte Peltz’ retirement. Programmer Patricia Tinkler, a former business owner and current KMUD Underwriting Coordinator, will be working with community business members to support local businesses by giving them a space in the conversation. First guests included Nancy Olson, CEO of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce and Nick Bown-Crawford, Executive Director of Humboldt Made, a marketing agency for Humboldt craft products. The second show, which aired hours after the 6.4 earthquake, featured Laura Lassiter from the SoHum Business and Visitors Bureau. Laura updated our community on businesses that were open after the quake in real time while sharing general information about the current economic crisis. Yesterday, Seth Johannesen (owner, 101Netlink) and Rob Buch (manager, Mendocino Community Network) gave an overview of the broadband marketplace followed by Garth Epling of Emerald Technologies who gave us the skinny on home office equipment. You can listen to past shows on the KMUD Archive and coming up every other Tuesday at 9 am. 


Movers and Shakers on the Music Scene
By Dennis Maher


Attention those in need! Music Junkie Support Group with Jeff will now meet at a new time on Sunday nights from 9 till 11 pm. 

By popular demand the Backwards Down the Number Line show, which features the music of Vermont jam band, Phish, will continue every Tuesday night with Katie officially taking the reins from Frying Pan Dan who has decided to stay in L.A.. We’ll miss you round here Dan. 
And did you catch Katie sitting in on It’s All About The Music? What an amazing slice of local ear candy radio delivered on short notice! Amidst howling wind and atmospheric river she was filling in for Crusher on Friday morning, December 30 at 10am, and you can still enjoy it from the safety of your own home on the archive at archive.kmudfm.org

      New voices coming soon… Training sessions are ongoing with local community members of all ages with the passion and drive to become our newest Djs and engineers.  If you or maybe someone you know has what it takes, come on down and see us.



Underwriter Spotlight :
Finnish Country Sauna & Hot Tubs/ Cafe Mokka

by Patricia Tinkler, Underwriting Coordinator

Arcata fixture Finnish Country Sauna & Hot Tubs and Cafe Mokka have served the community since 1982. The oldest coffee house in Humboldt county, Cafe Mokka serves traditional coffee house beverages, refusing to bend to fads that come and go. 

Business is brisk at the private, clothing-optional saunas and hot tubs, according to the Manager, Petra. “We are booked every day, so please make a reservation so you are not disappointed.” Visitors are encouraged to relax by the fireplace, or beside the pond if weather permits, once they are finished. It’s a lovely way to hold on to the calming effect of the waters after your spa experience. 

It’s not often that a business doesn’t need more customers, but owner Stan Henerson supports KMUD because he believes in public radio. We are privileged to collaborate with this outstanding local institution.

Finnish Country Sauna & Hot Tubs and Cafe Mokka is located at the corner of 5th and J Street. They are open daily from 11am to 11pm Sunday through Thursday, 11am to midnight on Friday and Saturday. They only accept cash and local checks so plan accordingly.  


Riding on the Mud
Let’s wave goodbye to Riding On The Mud , Kmud’s motorcycle enthusiast talk show! Bobby Godwin and Joe Shepp have put the kickstands down concluding the show’s 14 year run on our airwaves. The show started out in 2008 with Bobby G and Duffy Griffin hosting for the first few years until Duffy’s untimely passing and Joe Shepp a motorcycle racer like Duffy joined the show.  Bobby says he really loves our station and will continue to support and enjoy Kmud in the future. He sends his thanks to those Kmud legends who inspired him and taught him the radio ropes. That list includes Brenda Starr, Fred Baron and all the great engineers who have helped the show over the years. Thanks Joe and Bobby for a great program!








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