Throughout the Membership Drive, our dedicated DJs had a fantastic offer in store for you – gift certificates in exchange for your generous donations. This presents a golden opportunity for our valued members to not only enjoy exclusive discounts but also to (re)connect with one of our cherished local businesses. Moreover, it’s a remarkable chance for these businesses to bask in the spotlight on our airwaves.

Shout out to Dan Brewer, the knife sharpener in Garberville, The lost French Man in Redway, Whitethorn Construction, Flurina Niggli Bodywork, Shiatsu and Mindfulness training, Global Village Gallery in Arcata, Finnish Country Sauna and Tubs in Arcata, Wyckoff’s plumbing in Fortuna, Benbow Historic Inn Restaurant and Lounge.

We encourage you to pay a visit to these local businesses, express your gratitude for their support, and show your appreciation for their contributions to our community. Plus, there are still a few of these enticing gift certificates left to be distributed.

To seize this opportunity and make a donation to our cause, please reach out to Dorothee, our dedicated Membership Coordinator. She will guide you on how you can contribute and let you in on the exciting benefits you can enjoy.

You can contact Dorothee at 707-923-2513 or simply visit Feel free to leave a message in the comments section, expressing your interest in the gift certificates, and we’ll get back to you promptly. Your support means the world to us, and we can’t wait to share these exclusive offers with you!