Women On Wednesday Builders Show: MAY 16

Kelly Larson:   707-247-3000 In studio ·      INTRO: Electrical Engineer:  NABSEP certification! ·      Local Appropriate Energy: Lucian at Meadows Business park  ·      Community INFO:E-waste: Eureka Recycling Center Old Appliances in SoHUM cost $25 at the dump. ·      Workshop Schedule!·      Workshops:  1.    Womyn’s PV workshop                                June 18-29  Ohio/Colorado    www.solarenergy.org                 2.  Friday Sept. 14 & Sept. 15-16   www.solarliving.org                3.    Kelly also…

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Rankin’ Reggae Rotation

10:26:50 2007-03-29 Hello Reggae fans! Welcome to the Rankin' Reggae Rotation blog site. DJ Paradigm and DJ Sundub are on the rotation every third week bringing you the best in traditional roots to hot new dancehall! We are alsways happy to spread awareness of positive reggae vibes and if you are a producer or promoter…

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Coming Soon:

A mobile KMUD studio…

For festivals & emergency use 




I'll post updates here


As the project moves forward






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