The Choice is Yours: a Focus on Aluminum Cans

Thursday 23rd, at 9am, in The choice is yours, Sheila and Dorothee talked about Aluminum cans.

Aluminum where does it come from? What is the industrial process that goes into it ? The recycling : what’s up since China is refusing our trash for recycling? What about the natural flavors used in those canned fizzy waters? Are cans safe for the food inside ? And what about the plastic lining inside the can?

Here below is the list of the websites that helped in the research if you want to go further in the subject :
About glyphosate:
Podcast from KMUD archives Monday 20th July 7pm
Interview of Zach Buch
About bauxite mining :  Bauxite: Guinea’s mineral wealth | Global 300
Threat on chimpanzees
Disease related in MalaysiaIn Jamaica Observer
Bauxite dependency in jamaicaIn USA 

About transformation from bauxite to aluminium : Producing Endless Possibilities: Alcoa Global Bauxit Can Manufacturers Institute
Electricity cost

About BPA : BPA substitutes?
About local recycling :
About processing :

About recycling :2019 Recycling Industry Yearbook recycling – How it works by Norsk Hydr
Non ferrous scrap
Pastic vs Aluminium vs Glass

About the recycling crisis : U.S. Recycling Industry Is Struggling To Figure Out A Future Without ChinaBloomsberg

About natural flavors : 

Are ‘Natural Flavors’ Really Natural?AVOID! Toxic “Natural Flavors”

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