Kate Klein will be missed by many in the community.


Kate Klein

Kate Klein, KMUD’s long-time Music Director and community volunteer, died on Tuesday, April 15, of cancer at the Jerold Phelps Community Hospital in Garberville, surrounded by friends and loved-ones. Kate was one of KMUD’s most-beloved DJ’s, and she was also a popular DJ for parties and events. Her love of music was obvious, and her dedication to KMUD … tremendous. Kate spent countless hours volunteering for fundraisers and benefits. She was extremely committed to her work in radio, but always found time to sing, dance and play. She was a caring person who made many people feel that their thoughts and opinions mattered.

Kate greatly expanded KMUD’s music library over the years, developing one of the most extensive ones around. Her eclectic taste in music was appreciated by those who listened to her show here on KMUD, called KMOOD, which was sprinkled with profound, wise words that raised ones conciousness and spirit. Some of the words friends used to describe Kate include genius, creative, and magical.

A memorial dance is in the works, which will include live music, singing and celebration of the beauty and joy Kate brought. There has also been an account set up to help with the costs of memorial and cremation services. That account is at the Community Credit Union in Garberville, and donations are also accepted at Kidz and More in Garberville.

Kate was a gift to KMUD and our community, and her smile, her words, and Kate herself will be sorely missed. Thank you, Kate, for being a good friend.


written by Cynthia Elkins for KMUD News.


Link to article written for the Independent Newspaper by Cristina Bauss

Link to audio from Healing Factor on March 30, her very last radio show


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