On Giving Tuesday, they are giving to KMUD because ….

Today is not just any Tuesday; it’s Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to generosity and making a positive impact. And guess what? It’s also the kickoff for KMUD’s End of the Year “People Power” Membership Drive!
In a world often consumed by commercialism, Giving Tuesday stands as a beacon of radical generosity, urging us to shift our focus from shopping extravaganzas to supporting the organizations that enrich our lives. KMUD is that heartbeat of connection and community, and we need your help to keep it thriving.
What sets KMUD apart? It’s the incredible force of over 200 volunteers who selflessly contribute their time, art, skills, energy, and creativity. They embody the true essence of people power, allowing us to maximize every dollar donated and create a monumental positive impact on our community. So, let’s choose solidarity over silence, community over indifference, and people power over everything. Your support today can make a significant difference. Please make KMUD a part of your Giving Tuesday donations by donating today. 
Thank you for being you and for being an invaluable part of the KMUD family!