The Grassroots Radio Conference-2010 took place from May 13-16, 2010 in
The "Twin Villages" of Garberville and Redway, California, Southern Humboldt County.

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countymapthThe Grassroots Radio Conference is an annual gathering of people associated with the Grassroots Radio Coalition and offers a chance for folks from volunteer-powered, community radio stations to connect with each other, learn new skills, discuss issues, and do some partying. Official Conference activities began with Registration on Thurs., May 13 at 3 pm at KMUD, 1144 Redway Drive in Redway.  There was a  Registration Reception at KMUD from 5-7 with food and music, and registration continued until 9 PM. Beginning Friday at 7:30 am through Sunday 2 pm, events were centered at the Garberville Veterans’ Hall, Locust at Conger, Garberville. See the menu at left for more details.

The Conference Schedule is listed on the Workshop Page (see menu top left.) Our local community also participated in and volunteered for the GRC 2010.

For GRC 2010, attendees were responsible for making arrangements for their lodging. Lodging was not included in the fee for Registration. In addition to motel/lodges in the area there were camping possibilities and a limited amount of shared "home stays" available. See the "Accommodations" link to the left for more details. The workshops and events were held mostly in various Garberville locations within walking distance from each other (see "Workshops" link). Meals were included with Conference Registration. Weather can be variable here in May so rain gear and some warm clothes were advised (see the "Getting Around" link for more details.)

The Garberville/Redway area, located behind the "Redwood Curtain", in the Southern part of the Redwood Empire, also known as Southern Humboldt (SoHum) or the Mateel Nation, is about a four hour drive north of San Francisco following Highway 101. Mateel is a contraction of the names of two prominent rivers in the area the Mattole and the South Fork of the Eel River. For more information about travel to SoHum see the "Getting Around" menu link to the left.

Examples of the natural splendor of the area are found in the awesome redwood groves on the Avenue of the Giants, the remote hikes along the Lost Coast, the coastal community of Shelter Cove, the secluded King Range National Conservation Area and Sinkyone Wilderness. Local Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Guide.

The elevation of the Garberville/Redway area is around 500 feet and the air is crystal clear. There is a small airport outside of Garberville.

To help spread the word about GRC 2010 we made the posters below available for download:
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For General Questions about GRC 2010 or info. on this page mail: [email protected]


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