Arcata Police Department assists with graffiti abatement

According to a press release from the City of Arcata, dated February 24, 2011
The Arcata Police Department takes graffiti seriously and is committed to the rapid response to graffiti related crimes.  Graffiti is detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the community in that it leads to urban blight, encourages gang activity, is detrimental to property values, business opportunities, and the quality of life.
Beyond the apprehension and prosecution of vandals who deface property with graffiti, the Arcata Police Department is proactive in the removal of graffiti within the City.  The police department has a 24-hour Graffiti Hot-Line which can be accessed by calling 825-2587 ext 1.   The hot-line offers citizens the opportunity to leave messages reporting graffiti needing to be removed.  The caller may remain anonymous; only the location and description of the graffiti is needed.  The graffiti information is collected daily by the police department. The Arcata Police Department’s Community Volunteers abate graffiti on public property.  Police staff work closely with business and property owners to quickly eliminate graffiti on private property.
Citizens who witness vandals in the process of defacing property with graffiti should immediately call the police department at 822-2427.  For graffiti removal requests, citizens are strongly encouraged to call the Graffiti Hot-Line.  Please contact the Arcata Police Department for a free Graffiti Abatement pamphlet.

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