CSAR 7/18

Community Safety and Awareness Report for Monday, July 18th, 2011

•The Redway Community Services District is having trouble meeting its demand.  They are asking Redway water users to please start conserving now.

•The newly installed tsunami siren located at the Trinidad Rancheria Property near the Trinidad Harbor will be tested on Tuesday, June 19th, at 10am.  The test will be a one minute-long activation of the siren.

•Caltrans has posted electronic highway signs throughout California with a new Move Over message to kickoff a statewide campaign to increase safety for motorists, highway workers and law enforcement. The message, “Slow or Move Over for Workers, It’s the Law,” will stay posted through July 22nd.

•Due to community concern, PG&E has CANCELED the planned outage for the Garberville area scheduled for Thursday, July 28th.   PG&E is taking steps to improve and upgrade the electric system in the area, therefore, this work will need to be rescheduled.

•Tune in tonight at 7pm for Democracy in Action, hosted by Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap.  She will talk with Pittsburgh City Councilman, Doug Shields, about the newly adopted ordinance to protect the residents and neighbors of Pittsburgh by banning the commercial extraction of natural gas within the city and establishing a bill of rights for Pittsburgh residents. Provisions of the ordinance will eliminate corporate personhood rights within the city, and elevate the rights of people, the community, and nature. Councilman Shields, the lead sponsor of the ordinance, is now reaching out to other communities to join in the fight for community rights. That’s on Democracy in Action, here on KMUD, tonight from 7 to 8pm.

This concludes the Community Safety and Awareness Report, which can be read online at kmud.org and heard weekdays at 11am, 3 pm, and as needed here, on KMUD.



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