Earthquake damage assessment

There were reports of only minor injuries, with one person admitted to the hospital (for a broken bone).
There are reports of structural damage to many buildings, to include downed chimneys, broken windows, cracked walls, fallen masonry, and a few houses moved off of foundations.
PG&E has restored electrical power to all customers in Humboldt County.
A few road slides were reported yesterday, but have since been cleared.

The City of Eureka, the seat of Humboldt County, sustained the largest amount of damage and preliminary estimates are placing cost of the damage at $12.5 million.  That amount is likely to rise as assessment teams continue their efforts.

As recovery and clean-up efforts continue, the Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services is encouraging the public to report damage they may have suffered as a result of Friday’s earthquake.  

  • In unincorporated areas of the county, call (707) 445-7245
  • In Eureka, call (707) 441-4164
  • In Ferndale, call (707) 764-4224
  • In Fortuna, call (707) 725-7600
  • In Arcata, call (707) 822-2426

Reporting damage helps ensure that the County and local cities quantify damages that may be eligible for assistance from state and federal sources.  It is important that accurate damage/ dollar figures be reported, but reporting of damage is not a guarantee of government funding to an individual or business.

OES Director


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