KMUD Board of Directors February Minutes


Redwood Community Radio Board of Directors

February 10, 2020, 2:00 pm

 Heart of the Redwoods Community Hospice, Garberville CA

i. Call to order

With a quorum present, Durchslag called the meeting to order.

II. Roll call

BOARD-APPOINTED REPS: Correspondence Secretary Christine Doyka, Secretary Rob Bier

MEMBER REPS:, Vice President Sarah Starck, Treasurer Sarah Scudder, Coleman Pulsifer

PROGRAMMER REP:  President Jimmy Durchslag

STATION MANAGER:  Alyssa de Leon

ABSENT:  behr, Wendy Emerson

GUESTS:  Jama Chaplin, Chanin, BR Graham

III. Approval of January minutes

Bier moved approval with three, minor corrections.  Scudder seconded. Doyka, Bier, Starck, Scudder, Pulsifer and Durchslag voted aye.  There were no nay votes. Approved 6-0.

IV. Approval of agenda

Scudder moved approval.  Pulsifer seconded. Approved unanimously.

V. Open time 

Graham recalled a poll taken at a programmers’ meeting where a strong majority was in favor of a “clean,” business-only listserv for programmers.

Chaplin suggested identifying event coordinators prior to committing to the event.

VI. Consent calendar

  1. Procedure on Board packets (Please see Attachment I.)

Durchslag moved adoption.  Starck seconded. Adopted unanimously.

VII. Management report

De Leon said she had spoken with Nico Garreton about the technical manual he has been working on.  She said she expected it to be completed in two months, leaving him more time for his production duties.  He is also working on setting down standard procedures for live broadcasts. The new Web site should be ready in about two weeks.  It will contain individual pages for programmers to use.

VIII. Finance Committee report

Scudder said February was “looking good, especially the underwriting line.”  Sstarck said that according to RCR’s new auditor, the yearly CPB grant must be booked on the date awarded, not when the check(s) come in.  Scudder reported briefly on the meeting she and Doyka conducted with Dian Griffith. Durchslag moved conveying to Griffith the Board’s appreciation for her many years of service to RCR.  Doyka seconded. Passed unanimously.

IX. Old business

  1. Management evaluation

Discussion of the summary was deferred until the closed session.  Two staff members had mistakenly sent their evaluation forms to the entire Board.  Ideas were offered for how to avoid such an error in the future. The matter was referred to the Policy Committee.

  1. CPA/accountant

Starck said she would be willing to continue assisting RCR finances on a contract, but that she must have a CPA whom she could consult as needed.  De Leon said she was seeking such a person.

  1. Appreciation party

There was a brief discussion of what worked and what did not.  All agreed to extend a special “thank you” to Patricia Tinkler and Mitch Lynch for their work on the food.

  1. Elections

Durchslag noted that while there were three candidates for the open programmer seat, no one had declared yet for member representative.   He asked all to work on finding willing candidates.

  1. Volunteer Committee

Graham suggested establishing a “Volunteer Coordinator Committee” that would concern itself with finding persons to handle volunteers for special events rather than recruiting them itself.  There was general agreement with the idea. Pulsifer said he would work to that end with Graham and others.

  1. Board evaluation

While there was general agreement on conducting such an exercise, there was also a lack of specific suggestions.  Bier volunteered to contact such organizations as the Humboldt Area Foundation and the Northern California Association of Non-profits for suggestions.

X. New business

  1. Manager maternity leave

There was a brief discussion of de Leon’s plans and how to cover her absence.  She emphasized that she expected to be available by phone and email much of the time.

  1. CAB appointment

Durchslag moved appointing Raven Reynolds to the CAB.  Scudder seconded. Passed unanimously.

XI. Committee reports

  1. Programmer representatives
  2. Member representatives
  3. Community Advisory Board (CAB) – Siena Klein
  4. Correspondence Secretary – Doyka
  5. Development – Durchslag
  6. Membership Drive – behr
  7. Policy – Bier
  8. Mediation – Doyka
  9. Building and Grounds — Pulsifer

XII. Committee meeting schedule

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place at KMUD, 1144 Redway Drive, Redway CA.  Persons planning on attending a meeting should confirm beforehand that no changes from this schedule have taken place.

Board of Directors Monday, March 9, 2:00 pm, Hospice

Development Wednesday, February 19, 2:00 pm

Finance Monday, February 24, 2:00 pm

Policy Wednesday, February 26, 11:00 am, Calico’s

Executive Wednesday, February 26, 12:00 pm, Calico’s

Volunteer Coordinators TBA

XIII. Closed session – Personnel

Durchslag declared the meeting adjourned.


Attachment I

Procedure on Board packets

2.3.4 Board Communications Guidelines

04/27/04; 08/24/04; 02/26/08; 06/23/09; 7/27/10; 3/22/11

(This is procedure as opposed to policy, so a simple vote at one Board meeting is sufficient to revise it.)

Executive Committee, Two Weeks Before Board Meeting

The Secretary shall provide the draft minutes (by email to the entire Board) before the meeting, and agenda template on paper at the ExCom meeting.  Management shall provide reports or recommendations that require Board action. Committee chairs shall have a proposals ready, if necessary, for consideration at the coming Board meeting.

The Secretary shall, within three days of the ExCom meeting, email to all ExCom members a complete draft agenda.  All ExCom members shall promptly approve the agenda by email. Secretary emails the agenda to Board and Management by seven days before meeting and posts it on the bulletin board.  Management oversees its posting on the website by this day. Management will also make certain the board meeting is announced for a week on the Community Safety and Awareness Report. 

For special Board meetings, all Board members will be telephoned and emailed with time and place. ExCom members will have at least a day to approve a draft agenda by email.  The agenda requirements policy will be followed. Other elements of this procedure are waived if time does not allow them to occur. 


Board Packets

Board packets consist of the agenda, draft minutes, reports from management (including compliance calendar items including the previous, current and upcoming months, as well as staff reports), Treasurer’s financial reports (profit and loss, balance sheet, budget to actual), the Finance Committee report and other reports, proposals for consideration at the meeting, and anything else pertinent to the upcoming Board meeting.  Only Board and Management will receive versions of the financial reports that include individuals’ pay information.

Email circulation:  Seven days before Board meeting: People creating these documents email them to the Board-appointed packet volunteer (who could be the Secretary) and to Management. The packet volunteer assembles  the full packet as soon as possible, but at least two full business days before the Board meeting, and emails it to the Board, staff and others who have requested it from the Board.Hard copies: At least two full business days  before each Board meeting, the packet volunteer shall photocopy  the packet and distribute it as follows: one for each Board member and three copies for the public, placed in the Board’s mailbox by the studios; one for Management, and one copy to the bulletin board.  The packet from the previous month is filed in the minutes file, accessible to the public.