Local News Synopsis 1-31-11

Local News Synopsis 1-31-11 – Posted by Bob Froehlich
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Garberville man arrested for attempted murder:
Hugh Bradly Henson, a Garberville man, is in jail on attempted murder charges after reportedly trying to shoot his stepdaughter.  Police say they found the gun in the backyard after Henson reportedly attempted to escape. Police also indicated they found 5 ounces of hash and 6 pounds of processed marijuana inside the house, which police say was being used to produce the concentrated cannabis. Henson’s wife, Penny, reportedly tried to stop her husband from shooting at their stepdaughter, but that did not keep her out of jail.  A 7-year-old was also said to be at the house.  Penny was arrested for child endangerment and drug charges. 

Police respond to a number thefts in the Southern Humboldt area:
There has recently been what police describe as a rash of thefts in the Garberville and Redway areas.  Two people from Redding were arrested in Southern Humboldt Saturday after police reportedly found them with numerous items that were stolen around town.  Though police caught their suspects in the case this weekend, Humboldt County Sergeant Kenneth Swithenbank says there have been other thefts in the area recently, with suspects still at large. Swithenbank suggests that residents lock cars and buildings and suggested that if items have been stolen, victims can call the Sheriff’s Substation at 923-2761 to find out if the items have been recovered.

New member appointed to Planning Commission:
Supervisor Ryan Sundberg announced today that he appointed Susan Masten to the Planning Commission.  Masten is the former chairperson of the Yurok Tribe and is also a past president of the Klamath Chamber of Commerce and vice chair of the Klamath Fisheries Management Council. In a news release, Masten says she looks forward to bringing her expertise to help complete the General Plan Update and to bringing a rural perspective to the process.

Humboldt County aquifers found to be significantly cleaner than in other parts of California:
Daniel Mintz reports on a program that screens the quality of groundwater.

City of Arcata shuts off municipal water services to the Day’s Inn:
City officials say the move was necessary to protect the city from taking on more unpaid debt from Penta Hospitality, which owns and operates the Day’s Inn.  Randy Mendosa, City Manager for the City of Arcata, says the company hasn’t paid a bill since June.

Man sought in hit and run incident:
A man is wanted after reportedly killing someone in a hit and run collision in Fort Bragg, and investigators are asking for your help in finding him.  According to the Mendocino County District Attorney’s office, Elio Carrillo rear-ended a pickup on the Noyo River Bridge at the end of November, causing the truck to crash into an oncoming vehicle.  The passenger of the truck, Eli Herrick, suffered major injuries and did not survive.  Carrillo reportedly fled the scene on foot and has not been found since.  Investigators believe he may have fled to Mexico.  If you have information regarding Carrillo and where he might be, you’re asked to call the DA’s investigation division at 463-4211.

Local official receives an administrative fine:
A local official was popped with an administrative fine from a state watchdog agency over a conflict of interest. The Fair Political Practices Commission fined Manila Community Services District board president Dendra Dengler.  They ruled that she used her position to influence a decision in which she had a financial interest.  Namely, they found that she influenced the district to buy land within 500 feet of her house.  The Manila District reportedly bought the land to use in its parks and recreation program.  The Commission believes Dengler violated regulations when she voted on the matter, including the final vote to purchase the property.  Dengler stipulated to the order, and agreed to pay a 4-thousand dollar fine without a hearing.

Prospects look good for reopening the closed Redwood National Park Hostel:
Redwood National Park had to close its only hostel last year, but they could be getting a new one.  The California Coastal Conservancy awarded the National Park Service close to 150-thousand dollars to get the project going. 

First Community Radio Day hosted by Access Humboldt:
Humboldt had its first ever Community Radio Day this weekend. Community Journalist Kerry Reynolds reports and interviews speakers.

Additional News not included in Broadcast

Two men arrested for theft in Eureka:
Police arrested two men in Eureka this weekend after one of them reportedly stole money from two people and then threatened to shoot them when they demanded the money back.  According to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office, two people went to Scott Sutton’s house in Eureka regarding money that they say Sutton stole from them.  Sutton reportedly waved a gun at them through his kitchen window, and then witnesses told police that Sutton fled the house when deputies arrived on the scene.  Sutton returned a couple of hours later, and police say they discovered him to be in possession of close to 10 grams of methamphetamine and a gun.  Sutton was charged with multiple crimes, including possessing a firearm while committing a felony.  Another man with Sutton, Fredrick Price, was also arrested.  Police say they found a small amount of meth. and concentrated cannabis in Price’s vehicle. 

Minor earthquake hits North Coast:
A minor earthquake hit the North Coast just before 11 o’clock Sunday night.  According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake had a 3.2 magnitude and was centered about 7 miles southwest of Petrolia.

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