Slide at Dean Creek restored to four lanes

 According to a Caltrans news release, dated Nov.18, 2011:

Traffic has been restored to its original pre-slide four lane configuration at the Dean Creek slide location on Route 101 in Humboldt County approximately 60 miles south of Eureka. Charlie Fielder, Caltrans District 1 Director said, "Caltrans is excited to have this restoration work completed before the Thanksgiving holiday and winter weather.  Our field crew and contractor worked very hard knowing how important this route is to north coast travelers.”
The Dean Creek project included the design and construction of retaining infrastructure to address the potential for future movement at the slide location. Caltrans Senior Engineering Geologist Charlie Narwold said, “The recently constructed buttress and drainage facilities are designed to stabilize the lower portion of the landslide directly impacting the highway.  Future landslide activity above the recent repair is not anticipated to have a direct impact on the highway.  We are monitoring the performance of the buttress and the hill slope above utilizing sensors and surveys.”
The repair project follows the historic March 30, 2011 slide event which completely closed Route 101 and measured 600 feet wide and extended 1,500 feet above the roadway. Through constant 24 hour per day work, Caltrans reopened Route 101 to one-way controlled traffic on April 4, 2011. Shoulder work, striping and delineation will be taking place through mid-December. Director Fielder reminds motorists, “Please drive with caution and move over when approaching highway workers.”

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