Sudden Oak Death Workshop audio available

Sudden Oak Death was first reported in California around 1995 and since has spread considerably.  A two hour workshop at the Vet’s Hall in Garberville last Thursday, June 30, 2011,  focused on issues surrounding the plant disease and was presented by Yana Valachovic, Forest Advisor, and Chris Lee, Sudden Oak Death Project Coordinator, both from the UC Cooperative Extension.
Click here for the California Oak Mortality Task Force Web Page.
And click here to visit the Sudden Oak Death Symptom Gallery.

The two-hour workshop is split into three parts for easier download. Use the players below to enjoy this interesting workshop.

Part 1: Chris Lee



Part 2: Yana Valachovic-A


Part 3: Yana Valachovic-B


 Chris Lee Presenting on Sudden Oak Death, Garberville Vet’s Hall, June 30, 2011

Shown below is recent video illustrating some of the research on Sudden Oak Death from Matteo Garbelotto’s Lab at UC Berkeley.

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