Top 2023 KMUD News Stories

In Southern Humboldt:

Humboldt Permits Reggae On The River’s Return

Southern Humboldt Voters Show Overwhelming Support of Garberville and Salmon Creek Fire Departments

Briceland Fire Celebrates Milestone Completion of New Station

Retiring Redway Volunteer Fire Chief Leaves a Lasting Legacy of Selfless Service and Dedication

SoHum Healthcare District Continues to Expand Services

Palo Verde Volunteer Fire Celebrates 40th Anniversary

RCSD Deliver Shutoff Notices as Outstanding Debt Reaches an Unmanageable Level

CRV Buyback Recycling Returns to Southern Humboldt

Garberville Veterans Preview New Vets Hall Design

Good news

PG&E Pledges to Underground Lines to Preserve Eagle Nest

Dolly Parton Helps Humboldt’s Low Literacy Rates

Cultural Fire Returns Under Wailaki Leadership

Redwood Canoe Returns to Round Valley

Shelter Cove Fire Fighters Receive Life Saving Award

DNA Technology Cracks Humboldt Cold Cases

Southern Humboldt’s First Native Fire Crew

Monarch Butterfly Population on the Rise After Historic Low

Willits Supercentenarian Turns 115

Cultural Fire to Return in Southern Humboldt

First Southern Humboldt Fire Fighters Academy

Wailaki Member of the Round Valley Indian Tribes Returns After Historic Trip to Space

Astronaut Nicole Mann visits Round Valley

Chief Tribal Court Judge, Abby Abinanti, Named the North Coast’s Woman of the Year

Klamath Dam Removal Is No Longer Aspirational. Physical Work Is Underway

Black Humboldt Celebrates Its 5th Birthday

Mad River Brewery Revolutionizes Beer through Decolonization

Humboldt County’s 2023 Teacher of the Year, Kelly Miller

Humboldt Grown Wine Featured at White House Luncheon

Huffman Honors Laytonville Unified School Board President, Calvin Harwood

Clam Beach Becomes More ADA Accessible

The Eureka Chinatown Project Celebrates the Lunar New Year

 Reacting To Website Comment, Humboldt Supes Condemn ‘Hate’

Generations of Resistance: Honoring the Elders and Youth Leaders of the Movement for Tribal Rights

Black Liberation Month Celebrated in Humboldt and Mendocino


Humboldt Smokes the Competition at Emerald Cup 2023

Humboldt Cannabis Measure Heads For Election After Mediation Fails

Humboldt Supes Drop Cannabis Ballot Measure Plan

Measure A proceeds to March Ballot

Measure A Forum: Proponents, Opponents, and the Public

Cannabis Lawsuit Settlement Funds More Road Improvements

Top Planner: Hundreds of Cannabis Permits Verging on Denial

Humboldt Approves 2023’s First Round Of Cannabis Permits

Humboldt County Files 2nd Motion to Dismiss Abatement Lawsuit

Humboldt Seeks Pay Hike for Cannabis Inspections

Humboldt Cannabis Tax Reinstated at a 90 Percent Downscale

4,500 Pounds of Weed Seized in Island Mountain Bust

Humboldt Supes OK Cannabis Tax Deadlines

Redway Cannabis Farm And Huge Clean-Up Approved

Humboldt Mill Site Gets New Life As Indoor Cannabis Farm

Former SoHum ‘Guerilla Grow’ Site Gets Legal Farm

Humboldt Deals With Increase In Impacted Cannabis Properties

CDFW & DCC Talk Changes within the State’s Commercial Cannabis Industry

Appeal of 5-Acre Petrolia Cannabis Farm Permit Denied

One-Acre Indoor Cannabis Operation Approved For Humboldt Bay


Largest Price Drop Ever Seen for Dungeness Fishery

“Garberville is the most obvious sign of an economic collapse”

Bad Politics/Bad Policing

Judge Grants Workplace Violence Restraining Order Against Brett Watson

NCJ Busts Open the ‘Soeth Files’

Raid on DCC Legal Farm Leads to Death of Dog in Trinity County, Public Outraged

Humboldt Sheriff’s Office Accused of Sharing Data with Law Enforcement in Anti-Abortion States

Kettenpom Couple Awarded $7 Million Settlement After Answering Trinity County Sheriff’s Call for Aid

The Civil Grand Jury Finds Inefficiencies Within BOS Advising Committees and Administrative Office

Mendocino Auditor Controller Cubbison charged with felony misappropriation of public funds in mid-October

Bohn Gets Heat For Packing 9mm In Auction Basket and Bohn Called Out On ‘Hostile’ Sexist Comment

Cal Poly Humboldt Students Face Displacement After University Decides to Enforce Parking Policy

Humboldt County Responds To Grand Jury’s Emergency, Child Abuse Services Reports

CalFire Faces Scrutiny Over JDSF Environmental Review and Tribal Consultation

Probe Into Humboldt Supe’s Comments Yields Code Of Conduct Finding


Assemblymember Jim Wood to Step Down, Assumes Key Role as Speaker pro Tempore

Division Erupts As Measure Z Flounders

Mike McGuire: Pro Tempore Appointment, Cannabis Legislation, and Annual Eureka Food Drive

Congressman Huffman Addresses Ceasefire, COP28, and Congressional Priorities

Congressman Huffman on Newly Elected House Speaker and Israel-Hamas War

Senator McGuire Takes Action to Resolve Rural Telecommunication Woes

Congressman Huffman Tours Humboldt

Congressman Huffman on LandBack, Abortion Access, and Clarence Thomas

End of Tenure Conversation with 4th District Supervisor Virginia Bass


South Fork Cubs Celebrate Championship Victory

Ferndale’s historic first-ever football state championship”.


Pathways to Ending the MMIP Crisis

California Truth and Healing Council Convenes at Cal Poly Humboldt

Not Invisible Act regional hearing held in Blue Lake

MMIP Event brings awareness at Hidden Oaks Park

Queer Resistance 

Humboldt’s First Drag Show en Todo Español

Drag Queen Recognized as Eureka’s Artist of the Year

Congressman Huffman on Debt Agreement, Climate Crisis, and Drag Queens.

Humboldt Supes Honor Pride Month, Juneteenth

Alleged County Fair Hate Crime Called Out


Humboldt Readies For Multibillion-Dollar Offshore Wind Economy

PG&E to Remove Eel River Dams

Bill to Address PG&E Power Delays, Signed into Law

Humboldt Pact Seeks ‘Workforce Growth’ Through Wind Energy


Round Valley declares State of Emergency

Kiera Foley’s Mother Speaks About Heartbreak, Longing, and Finding Light in the Darkness Jason “Crow” Miller Receives 25 Year Sentence for Killing Kiera Foley

Redway Transient Arrested on Child Pornography Charges, Released

Arcata’s Sanctuary Garden Demands Action Against Hate Crimes

Mental Health:

Humboldt’s Suicide Rate Climbing; New ‘Navigation Center’ Planned

Humboldt’s First Ketamine Treatment Center Expands Services

Eureka Unanimously Approves Decriminalization of Entheogens

Sorrel Leaf Healing Center Healing Center to Open in Response to Youth Mental Health Crisis

Humboldt Neuro Health Provides Non-Traditional Approaches to Mental Health Services

Humboldt Public Health Officials: Syringe Services Help People, Reduce Litter


Missing Eureka Women Located Deceased, Investigated as a Homicide

Smoldering Remains Located at Eureka Transient Camp Fire

2 More Fortuna Students Found with Illegal Firearms

Body Recovered from the South Fork of the Eel River Identified as 37 Year Old Garberville Resident


Local Government Leaves The Responsibility Of Extreme Weather Shelter Is Left To Volunteer Efforts

Humboldt’s Homeless Face Dire Circumstances Leading to Multiple Deaths

Humboldt Targets Illegal Tobacco Sales

Planned Parenthood Norcal Continues to Fight for Reproductive Freedom

Nurses Ratify Contract with Providence Hospitals in Humboldt

Life Plan Humboldt Receives $1.435 million for Senior Housing in McKinleyville

Area 1 Agency On Aging Gives Annual Report

Critical Blood Shortage in Humboldt due to Inclement Weather

Homeless Woman Who Was Killed In A Recycling Accident Has Been Identified.

 27 Households Abandon Belongings to Evacuate Creekside Cabins


PG&E Seeks Permit to Apply Herbicides in Humboldt

Humboldt “Prohibits” Use of Herbicides in PG&E’s Vegetation Management Plan

State Parks Remains Neutral in the Controversy Over Richardson Grove

Planning for Potter Valley Project Removal Continues

Humboldt: Highest Risk of West Coast Sea Level Rise, Activist Rally

Marine Mammals Strandings Increase, Volunteer Efforts Report Incidents

PG&E to Remove Eel River Dams

Yurok Tribe’s Condor Restoration Imperiled: 5 of 8 Birds Exposed to Toxin

Humboldt’s Climate Action Plan To Get Revamp

Humboldt Supes Debate Carbon Crisis Action

Arcata City Council and Planning Commission Discuss Sea Level Rise

Klamath Dam Removal Is No Longer Aspirational. Physical Work Is Underway

PG&E Pledges to Underground Lines to Preserve Eagle Nest

Series of Atmospheric Rivers Raise Flood Concerns

Bluefin Tuna: Saving Grace or Red Herring?

CDFW Closes Nearshore Groundfish Fishery Due to Threatned Quillback

Humboldt’s Climate Action Plan To Get Revamp


Public Works: “Never Ending” Road Repairs

Humboldt Seeks Fog-Busting Airport Upgrade

Great Redwood Trail Meeting Highlights Southern Humboldt’s Concerns

SoHum Road Repair Highlights Humboldt’s Funding Dilemma

Rural Input Sought for ‘Road Charge Study’

“If its loose, it’s going to move” Humboldt County Roads in Dire Condition

Odd/climate change

Pierce’s Disease Detected in Humboldt

Ag Scientists Call Humboldt’s Newest Invasive Pest Worrisome

Expert Says Recent Earthquakes Have Been ‘Very Different’

Meteoeologists from the UC Berkley Snow Lab and the NWS Discuss Weather Impacts from Recent Storms

27 Households Abandon Belongings to Evacuate Creekside Cabins


Consultant: Airbnbs ‘Eroding’ Humboldt’s Housing Stock

Humboldt Updates Mobile Home Rent Control Law

State Lawmakers Probe Wildfire Insurance Dilemmas

Debate On Vacation Rentals Intensifies At Workshop

AB 50 to Hold Utilities Accountable for Power Connection Delays

Humboldt’s Proposed Vacation Rental Law Described As An Economy – Killer

Accessibility to Justice’ for Domestic Violence Victims

Humboldt Supes Briefed On Code Enforcement Successes, Challenges

Support Builds For Humboldt Campaign Finance Reform

Humboldt County Files 2nd Motion to Dismiss Abatement Lawsuit

Humboldt Supes Act On Mental Health, ‘Anti-Hate’, Measure S And Trail